Funny Man

March 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

Through my adulthood I have only ever worn one piece of jewelry consistently…my wedding ring(s).

When we go out I’ll slap on a pair of earrings or perhaps a necklace given to me by MIL will make an appearance for dinner at her place.  But that’s it, and they come right off as soon as we get home.  I’m a simple gal, with very simple tastes as these rings give testament to…

The diamond is my engagement ring, the band speaks for itself and the emerald is a 10th Anniversary ring.

The problem is NONE fit anymore.  I used to be able to wear the band and the engagement ring together but the engagement ring stopped fitting about 8 years ago.  Then I wore the band by itself until I got the anniversary ring but it started to become too tight as well.  Well, last week I noticed that the anniversary ring was leaving a red mark around my finger.

So now I’m walking around with a naked wedding finger and I can’t stand it. I mentioned it to Hubby saying,

“Our 15th Anniversary is coming up and maybe this is just my subconscious way of vying for a…”

He cut me off with this gem, “A gym membership?”

He’s hilarious don’t you think?

Of course I knew he was only kidding and I didn’t take it personally at all, actually I thought it was pretty funny.  He knew darn well that I was talking about a new ring.  I have no doubt that if we can afford it, that’s exactly what I’m getting for our anniversary.


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