More Done In A Day

April 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

Inspired by Cate @ Moments of Whimsy‘s recent post on organising and decluttering, I went full throttle this morning and binge cleaned my house.

Well, the main floor anyway.  The dungeon basement is Hubby’s domain and as long as I have a clear path to the washing machine, I don’t worry about it.

I dusted, wiped down, scrubbed, swept and vacuumed.  I stripped beds, hung comforters over the pool fence to air, washed sheets and folded towels.  I went to the grocery, the corner and video stores.

I tidied up all the puppet show pieces from the dining room table and put them in one place.  Then I dressed the table and now it looks like people actually eat there instead of it just being a drop zone for miscellaneous crap.

I did all this before 11:30 am.

And it makes me think about how much I used to do in a day when I was a SAHM of two kids, a volunteer for two organizations, a member of the PTA and an over extending friend and family member ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

How did I do it?  When I think back, I’m amazed how I managed to do so much and not fall flat on my face.  Was my desire to be liked and accepted so intense that it could fuel such unrelenting activity?

Because I’m exhausted just doing what I did this morning.

But the truth is, I’m innately more satisfied than I ever was then because I’m not looking for outside approval.  I’m satisfied with my work, I appreciate the effort I put into it and the result benefits me the most.

I got more done in a day by doing for me than I have in a lifetime of doing things for others.


Snow What?!

April 27, 2010 § 6 Comments

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and went into the kitchen where Hubby was making coffee.  Through the kitchen window I could see white flakes falling and my jaw dropped.

I said nothing, turned around and crawled back into bed.  Stupid valley and its unstable and unpredictable weather patterns.

Now I know why my ducks haven’t shown up yet.  They’re obviously a lot smarter than our local meterologists.

The snow is supposed to turn to rain as soon as it warms up from the balmy zero degrees Celcius that it is hanging at right now.  And to think I could have been in Oregon this week.   😀

I suppose though it does provide a great excuse to stay in my jammies, work on something mindless and watch movies all day.

I know, hard life eh?


April 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

We’ve never held you to your name
We’ve never made you feel ashamed

Even when we should have
Even when you deserved it

We’ve always turned the other cheek
We’ve always been the ones to seek

The best of all your offerings

And now we must defer to you
Knowing that the best you will do

Is to make excuses and light hearted gestures

Daddy if ever we’ve needed someone to take the reigns
Daddy if ever we’ve needed someone to stand up for us

Please don’t make excuses and light hearted gestures
Please don’t make us feel we’re only here to pester

We’ve never before thought of holding you to your name
We’ve never before thought of making you feel ashamed

Even when we should have
Even when you deserved it

But we, if anyone, are owed
The best of all your offerings

My Garden So Far

April 26, 2010 § 8 Comments

Dana @ Roscommon Acres invited folks to link to her recent garden post with one of our own.  Since I missed this week’s Sunday Share with Cate @ Moments of Whimsy, I thought I’d link this post to both of theirs.

Before you go thinking I’ve got some kind of miracle green thumb, this is a picture of our garden from early summer 2008.  There’s no possible way I could get something that looks that gorgeous so early in the year.  I just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m going for.

This is what I’ve got now…

a very dry bed with lots of weed both in and out of it.  I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.  And if this morning was any indication, I was ready to give up after only 10 minutes, I just may not be the gardening type.

On the bright side though, last year’s garden disaster wasn’t a total loss and did yeild a few very stubborn and resiliant green onions.

Gives me some hope for this year and I’m not giving up.  Growing a vegetable garden is a lot of work but if you can hang in there, the rewards are immeasurable.  Kind of like life.   🙂

Crystal Anniversary

April 23, 2010 § 6 Comments

15 years since we told each other “I do”
Our anniversary this year is crystal

But our marriage has never been that clear
And we’re the first to admit that it’s some kind of miracle

That we’re still here
That we still even like each other

That we still believe in us
That we still rock each other’s socks off

Because our marriage has been no fairytale
We’ve both had our moments when we wanted to bail

Because our life together has been anything but perfect
We both have wished, however fleeting, that we never met

This milestone is as much miracle as it is a prize
And it’s taken a decade and a half to verbalize

That I wouldn’t trade one second, not one
Of this in it together life, of being your wife

And I’ve learned that what’s crystal about it
Is that love is fragile and needs special care

The Great Unschool Debate – My Two Cents

April 22, 2010 § 7 Comments

If you read this blog then you’ve already heard about, likely watched the relevant clips and maybe even made a comment or two of your own about the recent GMA segment on Unschooling.  (This link is actually to the follow up segment – the original clip is already all over the place.)

Anyway, I’m not going to comment on the obvious bias nature of the report, enough has been said about that.

What I’m mostly bothered by is the sheer lack of humanity from some of the commenters.  My heart was sickened by the vile, rude and slanderous remarks by people who clearly had a lack of understanding of the issue.

Why do people have to react with such venom to something that is merely different from what they’re used to?  Are people who want to live their lives outside the box and are willing to take full responsibility for the consequences really that much of a threat?

It really never occurred to me that we were.  I mean, I know it made some of our family uncomfortable that we pulled our daughter out of school and that we supported our son’s decision to drop out of high school.

We did what we thought was best for our kids and over the years our family has come to see that.  The proof for them has been the drastic positive changes in our children, in our general family life and even in our marriage.

It has nothing to do with any desire to snub my nose at public education or that I think people who send their children to school are bad parents.

I sent both my kids to school and if they had been happy there, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But they weren’t happy there.  They weren’t thriving.  And the more I tried to work with the system and be involved the more the administration tried to shut me out.  These were MY children and their teachers were telling me that I cared too much.

Really?  How can a parent care too much about the well being of their children?  Would they seriously rather I didn’t give a shit that my kids were unhappy?

The bottom line for me, as a parent, was that my children were very unhappy and I could do something about it.  So I did it and I take full responsibility.  Why would anyone have a problem with that?

What really got my hackles up today was reading a comment that started:

“Unschooling is such a disservice to children.”

and ended:

“Jesus, there are some retards in the world.”   (Yes, but he loves you anyway.  Sorry, but it had to be said.)

I didn’t respond directly to the commenter because 1) It was on someone else’s blog and I didn’t want to be rude and 2) I was too pissed off at the time and I didn’t want to be rude.

Anyway, I just want to say in rebuttal, if you don’t even know me and say that I’m doing a disservice to my children, that just speaks volumes more about your narrow mind than it ever could about our alternative choices.

Read a book, check out a blog or two and ask questions if you don’t understand.  But don’t go and spew hatred out of ignorance just because you can.  You aren’t doing yourself or your argument any favours.

A FaceLift and A Lot of Books

April 22, 2010 § 10 Comments

I gave my blog a facelift.  Leave it to me to start a brand new blog and keep the old theme.  Baby steps people.

What do you think?  I like it.  It’s simple yet elegant…like me.  Bahahahaha!  Okay, I’ll be serious now.

I was wandering through the house today with my camera because I have nothing better to do on a cold, cloudy day.  Seriously, I don’t.  I mean, I COULD do laundry, dishes, vacuum, tear down some panelling or change the cat boxes.

But I’d hardly say that any of those suggestions are better than looking for something to take pictures of to post on my blog.   😉

Anyway, what I found was a shit load of books, books and more books.  All of them Daughter’s.

On her desk.

On her dresser.

Beside her bed.

Even at the end of her bed.

The kid could supply a small African village library by herself.  Though, I don’t know if the people of Africa have much use for a plethora of James Bond novels and Sherlock Holmes encyclopedias.  (BTW, Colleen is still collecting books for her book drive so if you haven’t yet, click on the link and check it out.)

Anyway, I’d be annoyed about them being all over the place if they were say dirty underwear or leftover food but since they’re books, I let it go and just try to be grateful that I have a child who loves to read as much as she does.  It balances my occasional unease about how much time she spends on the computer.


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