Riding the Current – Part Two

April 7, 2010 § 4 Comments

It just stopped raining.  We had thunderstorms last night and a small one this morning.  I LOVE thunderstorms. I have since the time I was eight years old and got caught in a hurricane.  Long story short, the campground was a mess afterward and thankfully there were only a few minor injuries.

But I’ll never forget how it felt to stand under those roaring clouds and feel the wind whipping around me while the sound of my mother screaming my name at the top of her voice was nothing but a faint whisper.  I had no idea how much danger I was actually in as I stood there in awe.  If I had, I might have been terrified or even a little scared.  But I wasn’t.

Since then whenever a storm approaches I get a feeling of excited anticipation and hope that there’ll be lots of raucous thunder and plenty of bright streaks of lightning.  And if the power goes out, even better.

Well now, how’s that for a tangent?


Back to riding the current.  A cold wet day ahead and I’ve got nothing pressing to do.  The majority of the housework was done over the weekend and I got the grocery shopping done yesterday.  Hubby is BBQing tonight (yes, he does it in the snow AND the rain – nothing keeps this man from his grill) so I don’t have to concern myself with dinner.

Daughter is happily typing away at her computer AND reading her latest James Bond novel.  Seriously, I have no idea how she does it…reading and being on-line at the same time.  I get all confused if I have more than two applications open at once.  But there  she sits engrossed in the adventures of her favourite spy while killing dire wolves with a group of on-line buddies.

Anyway, I think I hear a pot of coffee and the fabric I bought yesterday calling my name.

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