Sunday Share – African Library Project

April 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

As always, much thanks to Cate @ Moments of Whimsy for the invite to participate in this weekly sharing of inspiration.

My Sunday Share this week is dedicated to my good friend Colleen @ TheNewUnschooler who is spearheading a book drive for the African Library Project.

She’s even started a website, Homeschoolers For Africa, to give more information, keep track of both the book and monetary donations she receives and to encourage anyone who might agree that this is a wonderful and worthwhile endeavour.

As homeschoolers, the library is one of our most used and beloved resources and I can’t fathom managing without it.  In fact, even when our kids were in school we visited the local library regularly.  It’s difficult to imagine our lives without the free access to a wide range of reading material.

So when Colleen first posted about helping build libraries in Africa, it felt good…it felt right.  EVERYONE deserves the right to access books.  In the end, the actual time it took to gather up some books, box them up and get them shipped off to Colleen in L.A. was little more than a hour combined.

Talk about a win-win situation.

If you think you might like to help out with this project please follow the links above to find out more.

§ 4 Responses to Sunday Share – African Library Project

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