Going With What You Know

April 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

You know how they say that if you want to write, really want to be successful at it, that you have to write what you know?

I’m beginning to understand that the same idea can be applied to life in general.

I’ve been in an unschooling funk lately and being the emotional extremist I am, I’ve been having trouble finding a happy medium between what I believe about education and what I’ve been taught about it.

What I believe, that children can and will direct their own education given the opportunity, resources and support drastically contradicts what I’ve been taught.  Which is that children will only learn what they need to know to get by in this world inside an already established set of rules.

Heady stuff when you consider that the latter is more likely to be true.  Well, it’s all we really have statistics for anyway.

So, what do you do when you’re an intelligent and concerned parent wondering how you can teach your child what you think they should know while encouraging creativity and holding their interest?

Why, you make puppets of course!

I have an inexplicable affinity towards puppets.  Hubby says it’s the French Canadian in me and he grew up in Bagotville, Quebec so he would know.  French Canadians are notorious for being fond of puppets and potty humour…I guess he’s got me there.

What I’m actually hoping Daughter learns from this project, aside from puppets are fun, are some basic sewing fundamentals.  Like right sides together, as exampled by the face being on the inside of the fabric so that you have the side you want when you turn it out.

And how to template your original design to make less work for yourself later.

I so far haven’t convinced her that she’s ready to use the sewing machine but I’m working on it.

In the meantime we’ve had a lot of fun painting backgrounds, creating characters and making props for a puppet show that’s not even written yet.

That’s my kind of schooling!


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