Waiting For Ducks

April 18, 2010 § 8 Comments

Many of you already know about my ducks.  But here’s a recap anyway…

This was taken in late May/early June of 2007.  It was about the third year that ducks showed up in our pool in the Spring.  Usually a pair, male and female, would just be there one morning and hang out for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

This guy hung around longer than usual and was even present during the first swim of the season.  He graciously shared “his” pool with the kids for that afternoon, even jumping up on the edge to nap when the splashing got to be too much.  Not suprising though, we didn’t see him again that year.

The following April was colder and we had record breaking snowfalls that, even though the weather had warmed, still accounted for large amounts of ice on the pool.  So I wasn’t at all expecting to find this:

But there they were swimming amongst the ice floes littering the pool.

And here I am feeding them.

By last year, I had come to expect them but was still delighted as though I had just received a grand gift.  Like a little kid I clapped and squealed, “Yay, the ducks!” when they showed up in early April.

Aren’t they beautiful?  Of course, I was a little surprised when a few days later I noticed:

That’s two drakes swimming happily together which had never happened before.  It was an interesting turn of events and of course fodder for all kinds of childish jokes.  😉   Still, not knowing much about ducks, I could only guess at the relationships.

Anyway, it’s creeping into late April now and so far no sign of any ducks.  I had hoped with the shorter winter and the really warm weather in early Spring that they would have shown up by now.  I even went out and bought a bag of cracked corn after seeing several flocks of geese returning.

So I wait and hope that they will come back.


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