More Done In A Day

April 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

Inspired by Cate @ Moments of Whimsy‘s recent post on organising and decluttering, I went full throttle this morning and binge cleaned my house.

Well, the main floor anyway.  The dungeon basement is Hubby’s domain and as long as I have a clear path to the washing machine, I don’t worry about it.

I dusted, wiped down, scrubbed, swept and vacuumed.  I stripped beds, hung comforters over the pool fence to air, washed sheets and folded towels.  I went to the grocery, the corner and video stores.

I tidied up all the puppet show pieces from the dining room table and put them in one place.  Then I dressed the table and now it looks like people actually eat there instead of it just being a drop zone for miscellaneous crap.

I did all this before 11:30 am.

And it makes me think about how much I used to do in a day when I was a SAHM of two kids, a volunteer for two organizations, a member of the PTA and an over extending friend and family member ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

How did I do it?  When I think back, I’m amazed how I managed to do so much and not fall flat on my face.  Was my desire to be liked and accepted so intense that it could fuel such unrelenting activity?

Because I’m exhausted just doing what I did this morning.

But the truth is, I’m innately more satisfied than I ever was then because I’m not looking for outside approval.  I’m satisfied with my work, I appreciate the effort I put into it and the result benefits me the most.

I got more done in a day by doing for me than I have in a lifetime of doing things for others.


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