A Few Random Thoughts To End The Week

May 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

As I suspected, Hubby was not nearly as enthusiastic as I was about the offer to buy our house as is.  He kept going on about how we were just at the bank the day before renegotiating the mortgage.  Though he trusts I didn’t set the whole thing up, it was still a little too soon for his liking.  Hubby doesn’t do change well, unless of course he initiates it.  😉

I want to thank Lisa and Shady for their very kind and enthusiastic responses to my song.  I was honestly racked with nerves about posting it because I’m terribly insecure and ever concerned that people won’t like my stuff.  Neurotic much?  Yep, all the time.

We’ve got a full weekend packed with a friend’s birthday party tonight and Mother’s Day stuff for the rest of the weekend.  Lots of socializing and good food that I don’t have to cook.  Woohoo!

Wednesday is our 15th Wedding Anniversary and Hubby and I have not even talked about any plans.  The middle of the week in the last few weeks of a contract is not the best time to hope for Hubby to get the day off so if anything we’ll likely just go out for an early dinner.  Still, I think the jist of the conversation will be, “Wow, can you believe we made it this far?”

I hope everyone has a great weekend and to all my Mom bloggy friends I wish you a fabulously restful Mother’s Day!


§ 3 Responses to A Few Random Thoughts To End The Week

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