Second, Third and Fourth Guessing

May 21, 2010 § 6 Comments

The last couple of weeks have found me more and more concerned about our decision to continue to homeschool/unschool.

The truth is, I really believe my concerns are more about me than they are about Daughter, who is still very happy with our current educational choices and is still adamant that she has no interest in going back to school full-time.

However, she has recently expressed an interest in going to college someday and this idea makes me just as nervous as it does delighted.  Will she really be ready for college when she hasn’t done a scrap of schoolwork in the last two years other than intermittently doing a math sheet or two a couple of times a month?

Though she reads at an adult level, can type over 60 words per minute and remembers the minutest details of something she is interested in, she still does have limitations such as handwriting issues and delayed social development that greatly affected her performance in elementary school…oh, and she still struggles with basic math concepts.

Should this even be a concern when college is a good three or four years away?  She is only 14 and a ways away from even being sure what she wants to take.

Still, I want her to be prepared for post-secondary education but how do I do that when she hasn’t been exposed to formal middle or secondary education?

And am I just looking for excuses because I’m tired and have absolutely no idea what our next step should be, if any at all?  And I am tired, oh so tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Daughter and love spending time with her more than anything in the world.  But three and half years of 24/7 is starting to wear on me.  Sure, I get the occasional break and she’s certainly old enough and capable of spending time by herself if I need to get out during the day.

She also has her interest classes, her Youth Nights and her friends that get her out of the house at least a couple of times a week – summer is coming too so very shortly that will increase tenfold.

That’s why I said I think the worry is more about me than it is her and homeschooling.  I’m the one having trouble with the lack of structure, the total absence of have-to’s and the ever increasing boredom.

Maybe it’s just that for the first time in my life I have consciously decided to move away from all the drama that I had become so accustomed to.  Could these unsettling feelings be a result of the peace and quiet that I ordered?

Oh lord, leave it to me to be emotionally rattled by peace and quiet!  Seriously, am I a mess or what?!

Hubby thinks I need to get a life a part-time job or take a class, something that gets me out of the house, doing things for myself and worrying less about things that are fine the way they are.

I think his biggest concern is that I’m going to start inviting drama over again to come and hang out with me.  Maybe that’s why he got me those garden gnomes.  😉

Anyway, if you got this far in reading this rant Thank You, I appreciate it.  And if you have some kind words of support, encouragement and even empathy I’ll really appreciate them too.

§ 6 Responses to Second, Third and Fourth Guessing

  • Shady Lady says:

    First, (((((hugs)))))!

    I was just looking for some unschooling books and found a few at our library. They may help you worry less about your daughter’s future. I haven’t read them yet, so I can’t give you a first hand recommendation.

    1. Teenage liberation handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education.
    by Llewellyn, Grace.
    2. College without high school : a teenager’s guide to skipping high school and going to college
    by Boles, Blake.

    Step away from the drama, but if you feel you really need some, I’d be more than happy to send some your way. 😉 Seriously though, I think taking a class is a great idea!! Hang in there!!

  • Cate says:

    Ok, I was going to suggest these similar books. As well, I definitely think you should be doing something for yourself. I was talking to my daughter today, and realised that over the past 6 years of homeschooling, I’ve completed two part time writing courses, a phototshop course, and animal care course, and dabbled with various crafts. As well I was still gigging in those early years.

    I think some classes, or dedicated recording / performing time would be the deal girl!

    As for college, what does your girl want to do? That’s sort of the core of the unschooling philosophy isn’t it? Perhaps start there, then explore the options backwards to where you are now. She may need to pick up some formal subjects – but it’ll be because she wants to, and sees the purpose in them. B is following a pretty full on curriculum, but does so for those very reasons as she knows what she needs to get where she wants.

    And above all……breathe!!

    C x

    PS will email you when your surprise is in the mail – was thrilled that you won 🙂

    • Sheri says:

      That’s the first step I think. Getting myself involved in something that takes me out of the house and doing my own thing.

      As for college, she’s narrowed it down to either cooking or computer animation. We’ll have to look into the necessary prerequisites she’ll need.

      Awesome, I’m tickled I won too!

  • Dana says:

    Parents worry. It’s what we do best. When things go well, we think it won’t last. When things go badly, we think it’s all our fault and “if only…”

    Do y’all have anything like a community college up there? I’m thinking of finishing up high school with my daughter at 16 so she can go to our local community college. That will give her two years to “catch up” or get used to the structure and demands of college, but with a wider safety net than just sending her away at 18.

    Plus if she does well, she’ll have two years of her college out of the way when she turns 18 and it sort of does away with the concerns of some universities because they have transcripts written in their language. 🙂

    • Sheri says:

      Thanks Dana. I’ve since done some research and we even discussed our concerns with our local school board’s homeschool liason.

      He assures us that there are plenty of options open to Daughter to pursue post-secondary education without having to attend high school and gave us a list of resources.

      We’re currently looking into her attending high school virtually through Ontario’s e-learning program.

      “transcripts written in their language” made me laugh.


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