Getting Medieval…again

July 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

When we pulled Daughter out of school in the 6th grade three and half years ago, it was more a rash decision than a calculated move.

Though I had been researching homeschooling since Son was in the 5th grade, seven years previous, and had read John Holt, done research and purchased materials to work with the kids at home, we hadn’t quite made the leap out of the box.

When we finally did jump ship and ran screaming from our local public school (that analogy is more literal than you might think), I put everything else I was doing on hold.

I dove right into being a 24/7 parent, a teacher and a facilitator.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing it’s just that I did so at the expense of my own projects.

Oh sure, I made attempts at working on my novel, I got out the ol’ sewing machine putting together a few pieces and I even updated my recipe book swearing up and down that I’m going to start cooking again.

But I’ve been unable to start (or revive) something that’s just for me until I know that everyone else is taken care of.

Delusions of grandeur or just Mommy Knows Best syndrome?

Anyway, again I’m going to challenge myself here and argue (with myself) that I should get my ass back to work on the medieval home based business I started years ago.

I still own the domain name and can afford to renew it indefinitely, I still have all the costumes I’ve made and plenty of fabric to make more, I still have all the ideas, inspiration and connections I did before.

Son is now almost 22 and on his own, Daughter just turned 15 and is taking her first steps to forge her path and Hubby is more supportive than he’s ever been, there’s no reason not to do this.

Except that I’m afraid.

Isn’t that silly, bordering on ridiculous?

I think so and instead of spending a great deal of time worrying about why I’m so damn scared of just doing something because I want to and think it’s a really cool idea, I’m just going to stand up to my own insecurities and get ‘er done.

I’ll keep you posted.


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