Poetry – The Next Generation

August 5, 2010 § 8 Comments

I write poetry because…well, because I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember (I was ten when I wrote my first poem for my father) and after almost 30 years, it comes naturally to me.

But imagine my surprise and my delight when I found the following in my e-mail inbox the other day…


Words can’t express my love for you
A rough life we’ve had, I know it’s true
Feels like we’ve been through hell and back
A busy life, with no time for a snack

School, and family, and inbetween
You tossed aside, having me as a teen
Times on the bus, and fun on the swing
I want you to know, I’d never change a thing

We’ve had our up, and had our downs
Tons of smiles, and lots of frowns
I’m nearing the age of twenty-two
But wouldn’t be here, without you

Through thick and thin, you’re at my side
With you there’s no need to hide
It hasn’t been easy, this is true
Just want you to know, I’ll always love you!

I was so moved, pleased and proud that I was able to pass on and inspire my own child to express himself in prose.  Moreover,  can you imagine any Mom’s heart not melting at the sentiment?

He even asked me if I had posted it because he’s rather proud of it himself.  Of course, I immediately wanted to post it and show it off but I waited until I had verbal confirmation from him that it was okay.

He knows that my faithful readers are big fans of my poetry and he wants to know what you think.


§ 8 Responses to Poetry – The Next Generation

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