New Deck, New Roof and Long Awaited Chores

September 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

The new deck is done…

Woohoo!  I’ll spend the next few weeks decorating it in my head and probably drawing a few sketches.  It’ll be awhile before we can afford to shop for any furniture so we’re aiming for a good deal at an end of season sale.

The new roof is on and the new chimney will be finished on Tuesday.

The old chimney was a sight to be sure and though we hadn’t planned on redoing it right away, the roofers said that if we didn’t, their warranty would be void because of the potential for water damage.  That made the decision easy.

The humidity has finally broken and we’ve had rain and cooler temperatures.  I decided to finally tackle a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and finding a few little buggies in my sugar container kind of sealed the deal.

I’ve finally started to turn this…

into this

and this.

You see, I have this crazy idea that if you can actually see the food then you’re more likely to use it.  I’m so tired of throwing out food merely because I had forgotten it was there and buying double, sometimes triple, of things I had sitting in a back corner.  What a waste!

Using glass jars will let me see my ingredients at a glance and make better use of my kitchen space.  I have a lot yet to do but before I was finished today…

I turned all this

into this…

My Newly Arranged Spice Drawer

I’ve drawn up plans with diagrams (don’t laugh ;P ) for how I want to better organize my kitchen.  It’s been really helpful and I’m glad I’m thinking ahead.

No doubt this will save everyone* immense amounts of aggravation later on.

*By everyone I mean Hubby who will no doubt smile wanly and say, “Yes, dear whatever you think is best” when he doesn’t give a rat’s ass where I put the muffin tins.


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