This Side

September 13, 2010 § 9 Comments

To say I was young and naive
Is to understate
To say I would fail and fall short
Is to underrate

Still no one could have guessed
How far I would soar, how much I would try
And I have been duly congratulated
I have been served my appropriate accolades

I am wholly satisfied in that and those
I have made my feelings known in prose
But I still have yet to divulge
The truth in its entirety

I still have this side of me
That I’m terrified to free
Like an opposing personality
Like a modern day Jekyll and Hyde

There is still this side
This side of me
That embraces anger and revenge
Like a long lost friend

That secretly wishes the worst for those
Who’ve done me wrong
At the same time wishing they weren’t
The ones I love most

There is always this side
And the other

That I can see both is my problem

If only it were one
Or the other


§ 9 Responses to This Side

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