Summer’s Over – It’s Official

September 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s officially the end of Summer for us when we close the pool – last year notwithstanding when we didn’t close it until the 1st of November…but that was sheer laziness on our part.

In any case, this weekend we’re closing the pool for the season but we’re still hoping for a nice enough October to at least enjoy our new deck for another couple of weeks.

The new roof is on and the rain held off long enough that our chimney is finally done too.  And now I’m looking forward to the first fire of the season.  Nothing says comfort like the smell of burning wood, the warmth of the flames and a hot toddy in hand.

I have to admit that it was a bit rough going these last few weeks with the overwhelming humidity, the air conditioning dying and a constant barrage of workmen coming and going.  There were a few days in there when my frustration had me in tears.

And as I predicted, I really did miss camping this year. I went up to my friend’s cottage for a weekend and that was nice but all in all it was like tasting a yummy cake without actually getting to eat an entire piece.  Mmmmm cake.

All things considered though, that small sacrifice allowed us to put enough money and time into the house to increase the overall value by 10%.  That’s not chump change and though it’ll mean a quiet winter and a very modest Christmas, it also means that come next Spring there will be no looming expenses.

In the 12 and a half years we’ve owned this house, that’s NEVER happened.  It is such an awesome relief.

It also helps that we are finally the Jones’ (as in keeping up with) in that everyone who comes by admits to being a little envious of our updated digs.

Frankly, if it weren’t mine, I would be too.  😉

I hope that’s not bragging and just homeowner pride…ah well, if it is bragging, too bad…we’ve earned it.


§ One Response to Summer’s Over – It’s Official

  • Shady Lady says:

    Oh you totally have bragging rights! You go girl!!

    (I had to tell you, I got a new computer and your blog colors look completely different. Weird!) One more thing, my parents are here for a 5 day visit and they’re driving me INSANE. ;p

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