Maybe It’s Just a Lull

October 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

I feel like I’m playing to an empty room.  (No offense Cate, I love you dearly, you know that.)

Still, for the last few weeks my stats have recorded a very steady drop in hits. It’s hard to be motivated to post when you know no one is reading.  Nonetheless, I’ve continued to look past my growing discouragement and keep at ‘er anyway.  But I’m really having trouble ignoring how disheartening it is to try to come up with something to say only to have the sound of crickets follow.

I’ve tried to rationalize it by saying that I don’t blog to get comments and realized how very ridiculous that is.  Of course I blog to get comments, otherwise I’d have stuck to writing in my journal with a pen.  Sad but true.

Anyway, I’ve not made any official decision either way as to whether or not I’m going to continue blogging but I’m definitely taking a sabbatical.  Maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe permanently.  We’ll have to see.

And for the record no, I still have absolutely no interest in signing up for Facebook.  😉

Cate, worry not, you’re not getting rid of me that easy.  We’ll keep in touch through your blog and e-mail.


Warning: Whinge Alert – Incoming Rant

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Okay, it’s not really a rant…yet, we’ll see how it progresses.

Monday afternoon I noticed a slight pungent odour eminating from the back of the fridge.  I shut the door quickly and pretended I didn’t.  Really, who wants to start the week off by excavating the old ice box?

So I mentioned it to Hubby, who is oddly very good about this sort of thing – and given that his stomach is made of lead and mine rice paper, it makes sense – and he graciously offered to clean it out.  Then he forgot, which is something else he is equally good about.

Yesterday I reminded him because by dinner time last night, the slightly off odour had morphed into an all out rotten stink.  Hubby said he’d get to it after dinner, then after the Hockey game, then well, I don’t know what happened then because I eventually crawled into bed and hit playall on my M*A*S*H*  dvd.

This morning when I went to retrieve the cream for my first morning coffee I was immediately awakened and completely disgusted by the smell.  Clearly, Hubby never got around to it.

I had no choice.  In good conscience I couldn’t let it go until Hubby got home from work.  So I emptied the fridge, sorted and stacked the contents around the kitchen and finally found the offending leftover.  Hubby’s chili.  Of course.

I figured while I was at it I may as well take a damp cloth to it and clean the inside, should only take a few minutes.  An hour, hot soapy water and a scrubby pad later, I got it done.

Contents replaced, it was getting about lunch time and I opened the freezer…


They can put men in space but they can’t design appliances that clean themselves?

Just seems wrong to me.

Oh, and just to save myself the headache, it’s a cold dinner tonight because I’m not going anywhere near the oven or the microwave.  While I’m at it, I think I’m going to stay away from the living room rug, the kitchen floor, the bathrooms…



Tulips and Daffodils and Crocuses, Oh My!

October 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

It is unseasonably warm today with a high of 18 C…ridiculous considering it was hovering just above freezing last week and over the weekend. Gotta love the manic weather around these parts.

Nonetheless, it is a great day to throw open all the windows and doors and let some of the delightfully warm Autumn air run through the house.

It is also perfect weather for getting the rest of my bulbs into the ground, which I just finished doing.  And though my back and legs aren’t thanking me right now, I know that come Spring, and the flowers start blooming, the aches and pains will be long forgotten and I’ll be delighting in my tree garden.

And that my friends finally brings us to the end of this year’s home improvements.  And thanks to Hubby’s ever increasing handyman skills we’ve also avoided the expense of having a plumber come in and fix the leak in the basement.


With nothing hanging over our heads it’s time now to turn my attention toward Christmas.  Since I was relieved of any major hosting duties for Thanksgiving, I’m planning to break out the ol’ apron and gravy boat and cook this year’s Christmas dinner.  I’m really looking forward to it.

The rest of this week will be filled with planning, lists and more lists and maybe even some way ahead of schedule Christmas shopping.  It’ll be nice to be ahead of the game for a change.

I leave you today with a pic Hubby took on his Blackberry of Rosie snuggling on the end of the Dr. Who scarf I’m working on.  It’s not the best quality photo, I tried adjust the brightness in Photoshop to no avail…so I just cropped it.

Hope you all are having great weather and good times wherever you are.

I Was 14 in 1985

October 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

My upcoming birthday has me thinking a lot about approaching 40.

Next month I turn 39 and though more often than not I feel much older than those years, every now and again I can appreciate how young I still am.

This weekend Hubby took Daughter to the 25th Anniversary re-release of Back to the Future,  select theatres across the city are showing it for a limited time.

25 years ago my sister, a friend and I went to see it, it was the first movie we went to see without an adult.  On many levels it was a right of passage.

Along with creating a sense of independence, fueling my teenage love for Michael J. Fox (I was already crushing on him as Alex from Family Ties), it also planted the first seeds of my interest in science fiction.

Oooooh, time travel.

Anyway, it just reminds me that I’m not as far away from my youth as I might think.  More than any previous generation, I have the luxury and power to relive the best of my past at my discretion.

And though I don’t have a DeLorean with a flux capacitor to take me back to 1985, I do have a world of media at my fingertips to help remind me what it felt like, anytime of day or night.

Makes me wonder what it’ll be like for Daughter, who is 15 now, in 2035.

Appreciating the Very Small, Minute, Barely Visible Things

October 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Lately I been trying very hard to let go of my usual “trying to overcome” attitude and replacing it with a much simpler “love where I am” take.

It’s not easy.  After some 20 odd years of just trying to survive, adjusting to the normalcy of my current existence has taken the better part of a decade.

Still, I can tell I’m doing something right.  I am beginning to see signs of growth…sprouting as it were.

Lately, I’ve been singing.  Just random little pieces of music…some familiar and some purely made up by me on the spur.

I’m smiling and laughing way more than usual, even cracking some real zingers of my own and being delighted to the core that I made someone else belly laugh.

Most importantly, I’m appreciating – as in being really, truly grateful for – small things like my muffins turning out perfectly, a chikadee at my birdfeeder and that someone remembered to change the toilet roll.

It’s a big world and there’s so much to be grateful for.  I spent so long living in fear, unable to appreciate the wonders of the universe that I just forgot they were out there.

Smiling and being content allows me the opportunity to remember them with joy and excitement.

Okay, See Ya!

October 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

And that was that!

Son’s first day at college.  *SIGH*

He was a little nervous and worried about not being able to find his class so I jumped at casually offered to take him up.  We went a little early in case my memory isn’t all I think it is, I only wandered the halls for a couple of years and that was a loooooooong time ago.

Anyway, we found the classroom that was marked on his timetable and sat around a few minutes.  I commented that if no one showed up after 15 min or so, we could wander around and ask someone.

Son:  Cool.

Five minutes later a young man (lord, that’s how old I feel – the guy was probably like 5 years younger than me)…anyway, this dude showed up and asked if we were there for the Bartending class.

Son: Yes, Sir.

Then he turned his big brown eyes to me, smiled a wicked grin and said…

“Okay, see ya!”

as he turned his back and skipped walked away from his Mommy into the classroom.

As I walked down the halls back to the car I thought about my time there.  I was 20 and Son was four, living with his father.  It was as close to the typical college experience as I was going to get.

I made new friends, I partied, I studied for exams and passed tests, I partied, I skipped and failed classes, I partied.  Except for every other weekend when I went back into full-time Mommy mode.

In the end I never did finish college.  For a lot of reasons but mostly because my Son needed me more than I needed a piece of paper to tell me I was qualified to teach Drama.  Anyone who knows me, knows I was BORN qualified.  😀

So, as I was trying not to get lost and make my way back to the reality that I still had the weekly groceries to do, I smiled a big smile for both of us.  It wasn’t an easy road, I really would never recommend it, but we both came through okay.

In my mind, the fact that we’re still on it together speaks volumes.  That Son still wants me in his life and that I’m still able to be here for him is a blessing and we both know it.

I was totally fine with the “Okay, See Ya!” because I knew he meant it and he was taking it for granted.  What more can a parent and child want from each other?

A Call for Prayers

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not normally inclined to wear my faith on my sleeve though I totally respect those who do.

However, still being unsure where I stand spiritually with the whole being christened a Roman Catholic turned Atheist turned Christian turning Agnostic…this feels a little weird.

I’m asking anyone who feels so inclined to offer up a little prayer for Son’s sister who is, as I write this, undergoing emergency brain surgery.  Son’s sister, from his father’s subsequent relationship, is 19 years old and the mother of two baby girls.

Son is beside himself with worry as he is very close to his sister and is also sensitive to his father’s concerns, which are understandably very great.

We don’t know when we’ll hear how surgery went and until then the only thing we can do is pray.  I’d appreciate any assistance.

**UPDATE: Son’s sister came through surgery just fine and she’s resting easy at the hospital.  Son and his father are both very relieved and grateful.   😀


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