A Call for Prayers

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not normally inclined to wear my faith on my sleeve though I totally respect those who do.

However, still being unsure where I stand spiritually with the whole being christened a Roman Catholic turned Atheist turned Christian turning Agnostic…this feels a little weird.

I’m asking anyone who feels so inclined to offer up a little prayer for Son’s sister who is, as I write this, undergoing emergency brain surgery.  Son’s sister, from his father’s subsequent relationship, is 19 years old and the mother of two baby girls.

Son is beside himself with worry as he is very close to his sister and is also sensitive to his father’s concerns, which are understandably very great.

We don’t know when we’ll hear how surgery went and until then the only thing we can do is pray.  I’d appreciate any assistance.

**UPDATE: Son’s sister came through surgery just fine and she’s resting easy at the hospital.  Son and his father are both very relieved and grateful.   😀


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