Warning: Whinge Alert – Incoming Rant

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Okay, it’s not really a rant…yet, we’ll see how it progresses.

Monday afternoon I noticed a slight pungent odour eminating from the back of the fridge.  I shut the door quickly and pretended I didn’t.  Really, who wants to start the week off by excavating the old ice box?

So I mentioned it to Hubby, who is oddly very good about this sort of thing – and given that his stomach is made of lead and mine rice paper, it makes sense – and he graciously offered to clean it out.  Then he forgot, which is something else he is equally good about.

Yesterday I reminded him because by dinner time last night, the slightly off odour had morphed into an all out rotten stink.  Hubby said he’d get to it after dinner, then after the Hockey game, then well, I don’t know what happened then because I eventually crawled into bed and hit playall on my M*A*S*H*  dvd.

This morning when I went to retrieve the cream for my first morning coffee I was immediately awakened and completely disgusted by the smell.  Clearly, Hubby never got around to it.

I had no choice.  In good conscience I couldn’t let it go until Hubby got home from work.  So I emptied the fridge, sorted and stacked the contents around the kitchen and finally found the offending leftover.  Hubby’s chili.  Of course.

I figured while I was at it I may as well take a damp cloth to it and clean the inside, should only take a few minutes.  An hour, hot soapy water and a scrubby pad later, I got it done.

Contents replaced, it was getting about lunch time and I opened the freezer…


They can put men in space but they can’t design appliances that clean themselves?

Just seems wrong to me.

Oh, and just to save myself the headache, it’s a cold dinner tonight because I’m not going anywhere near the oven or the microwave.  While I’m at it, I think I’m going to stay away from the living room rug, the kitchen floor, the bathrooms…




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