I Miss Volunteering

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m thinking of approaching the new director of my high school to ask about a volunteering opportunity…or rather creating one.

I attended a school for teenage parents that incorporates a learning environment, an on-site daycare and resources for teen parents.  Without it, I would have been lost.

I spent ten years volunteering with them after I graduated but stopped when I started volunteering in my own community.  I gave that up a couple of years ago after we started homeschooling and felt I was spreading myself too thin.

Now that it’s been a few years without volunteering, I’m finding that I’m beginning to really miss it.  I miss helping others, feeling part of a bigger picture and just having something to do other than wallow.

And for me, giving back to an institution that gave so much to me is really important.  I want to teach a cooking class.  I know that I can offer these young parents some great, easy-to-make recipes, cooking tips and more importantly real empathy because I’ve been where they are.

I’m a little, okay a lot, scared about the idea but I’m also incredibly excited by it.  Which means that more than likely, I’m going to do it.

I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Or, I could apply for the PAYING gig teaching kids cooking classes at my local grocery store, which Hubby just happened to mention after reading this post.


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