New Kitchen Curtains and a Bread Basket Liner

November 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

Okay, well I’ve certainly got the ball rolling with my kitchen update project.  So far I’ve turned this…

Into these…

and have enough leftover for…

Two standard oval placements, two smaller rectangle placemats, two chair seat covers and a tea cozy.  That’s a lot of fabric for the few measly bucks I paid for that one panel.  😀

And just because it’s there and it actually matches rather nicely, I decided to make a new liner for my bread basket out of the original plaid fabric I bought.

I rather like the light green gingham but it clashes so it’s a no go. First I totally guessed how much fabric I needed and started on the lining. If you’re new to sewing I would definitely recommend measuring (L, W, H) and then adding 1/2 to an inch for seams.

Taking one rectangular piece, I attached two shorter pieces (about half the length of the original) and sewed them to either short end.  Then I took two more pieces (equal in size to the original) and sewed them to the longer edges.

I repeated this with my main fabric. The end results look something like this…

Next it’s time to make it look like a fabric basket.  On both the lining piece and fabric piece, bring the corner edges together and sew each of the four seams.

Now you should have two basket shaped pieces.  The next part is a little tricky but with patience and determination it’s not too difficult.  Right sides, together place the lining and fabric one inside the other…it doesn’t matter which one goes inside which, but it is crucial the good sides (what will show) are facing each other.

Next, pin the lining and fabric together all the way around the top outer edge leaving a small opening at one of the corners to turn it out.

Sew all the way around except the opening. Turn inside out through the opening, fold in the edges of the opening and stitch closed.

Take a few minutes to straighten it all out and the end result will look something like this…


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