Now That’s a Switch Up

November 16, 2010 § 4 Comments

Hubby wants to buy a used car.

Oh, I’m sorry, I have to clarify because as I’ve learned through the last few months of research he’s been doing, a Jeep is in fact not a car…apparently, it’s a lifestyle.

Personally, the only thing that interests me about it is that it has a hitch so we can finally get a camper/trailer.  As much as I love camping, and it really rang true this year when I only managed to get away for two days out of the whole summer, I’m so over tenting.

For years I’ve wanted one of those wind up camper/trailers that we had when I was a kid. Of course, a more updated version is ideal.  Anyway, before we can consider that, we need to find another vehicle, preferably one with said ability to tow.

Enter 1995 TJ Wrangler, black, three tops, 4WD…blah, blah, blah.  Hubby and I went to check it out on the weekend.  It’s not often I see him like that, what’s the word I’m looking for…optimistic.

He was also extremely excited, grinning like a five year old on Christmas morning, when it started up and started purring like a 300 lb gorilla. I swear that if he does buy it, I’ll hear him coming home a good ten minutes sooner.

The switch up is that I’m having to convince him to buy it.  Up until now the slant of our relationship has been him insisting that I don’t have to check with him over every penny I want to spend.  (Raising a young child by yourself in poverty will do that to a person.)

Hubby got the Jeep checked out by a mechanic and it needs a bit more work than originally thought but the owner is willing to come down in price.  That begins the whole back and forth that Hubby is doing to debate.

Meanwhile, I’m in the corner quietly whispering in his ear, “Go for it”, “Do it”, “We can’t afford not to” and “C’mon…you know you waaaaaaaana”.

Am I being a supportive wife?  Am I just giving back to him all the encouragement he has given me?

Sure, but I’m also hell bent on not having to share my car with he who leaves it a mess of coffee cups, newspaper and burger wrappers and the gas tank on empty.

Love you Dear!  😀


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