Lost in Fiction

November 25, 2010 § 10 Comments

I’m reading Harry Potter – The Deathly Hallows right now…I’m about 2/3 the way through.  Though I had heard of the phenomenon that surrounds the young wizard, I hadn’t read the books or even seen the movies until The Prisoner of Azkaban came out.

Though I’m one of those people who eventually gets on board, I’m only inclined to buy into hype after the fervor has died down.  The thing is, now that I’ve been following along for a few years and I know I’ll finish the book before the weekend is over, I’m wondering if I might not wait until the second movie comes out before I watch the one just released.

Will I merely end up disappointed by, but no less compelled to own copies of, the surely limited theatrical versions?  Will it be Lord of the Rings all over again?

And wow, things must be pretty good around here if this is my biggest concern today.

Woohoo, I’ll happily take that.  😀

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