A Little Luck + Facebook = Place to Live

December 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Okay, maybe Facebook isn’t all bad…

When our adult Son moved back in in the fall it was understood that it was a temporary arrangement.  Hubby and I agreed that, as parents, while trying to teach Son about taking responsibility for his choices we also wanted him to know that we love him and were willing to support him in trying to make good.

And for the last few months Son has indeed made good, he’s gotten a full-time job he enjoys while completing a college course that came with certification for the service industry.  We are very pleased with and very proud of him and his effort.

We were still concerned however that he had yet to secure a place to live for January, which was part of our agreement. We haven’t charged him any rent, instead opting to let him save for himself part of his paychecks toward getting out on his own again.

The problem was, he wasn’t really looking and we became worried that Son was getting too comfortable with the idea of living at home rent free.  This morning I sat him down and had a chat with him.  I went over all the what for’s and where to’s, gleaning over his decisions and choices, pointing out that he has a habit of painting himself into corners.

I told him that the longer he left looking for a place, the less options he would have and he could easily find himself stuck living somewhere he doesn’t really want to be.  I pointed out that this could easily lead to him repeating the pattern of finding himself discouraged, frustrated and right back where he started.

Well, I guess he took what I said to heart.

After our little talk, I went out (in my rental car) to get some Christmas shopping done.  (side note: I got butter for $2.99 a lb – I don’t know what the prices are like where you live but that’s like 45% off here)  When I got home he gleefully announced that he had found a place.

He posted a note on Facebook letting people know he was looking for a room and within minutes he got a reply from an old friend that said she had a room to rent.  It’s closer to work, it’s cheaper than anything he’s looked at and one of his future roommates is someone he knows.

Honestly, as much as I was pleased, I was also a little jealous.  You little monkey…I mean, really?  Here I am trying to tell him that “the world doesn’t work that way”, that you’ve got to cover all your bases, plan ahead and work hard to get what you want.

But then, I’m old school and still wary of Facebook and all it’s fancy “social networking”.  Maybe I need to rethink the whole thing.


§ 3 Responses to A Little Luck + Facebook = Place to Live

  • Shady Lady says:

    You’re just teasing me aren’t you? Facebook can be really handy for so many things. Yes, it can certainly be a pain in the butt…I think you just have to limit things a bit.

    Oh…and yay for Son!!!

  • Sheri says:

    Shady – No, not teasing. Still thinking about it though. 😀 I did have a facebook account so it’s wouldn’t be a big deal to reopen it.

    Just not quite sure I want to yet.

  • Cate says:

    I agree with Shady. You don’t have to post new status updates on every meal you eat, But – it can come in handy.

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