My Girl

December 22, 2010 § 5 Comments

I love unschooling!

We’re coming up on our 4th Homeschooling/Unschooling anniversary.  I’ve realized that I don’t write much on that topic anymore.  Last I wrote about it Daughter had started her Independant Learning course and Son had just completed a certification class at our local college.

But today, out with Daughter doing Christmas shopping, it really hit home how fortunate I am to have had this opportunity to spend so much time with my girl.

She’s an amazing, intelligent, sensitive, hilarious, somewhat complicated in her contradictions, compassionate, inquisitive, patient and all around joy to be near kind of gal.  She knows everything she needs to about what she wants to.  She’s a geek down to the bone and damn proud of it.  She’ll Doctor Who and James Bond challenge anyone and win.

And to think what might have happened if I had made her keep going to school.  What would have happened if I had been too afraid to go against the grain?  What would have happened if I ignored her pain?

I’m so grateful that we’re on this side of the what if’s.

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