Could It Be Any Colder?

January 24, 2011 § 6 Comments

Probably, but then I would hope to be in Greenland or Iceland.  Not in a suburb of Southern Ontario freezing my ass off.

Woke up this morning to -34 C, it was -40 C with the windchill.  Hubby’s Jeep wouldn’t even start this morning so he had to take my car to get to work.  No worries, I have no intention of stepping out of my housecoat today, let alone the front door.

Ol’ man Winter is making up for last year’s mildest winter on record for sure.  He’s holding nothing back, well okay, I suppose there could be more snow.  But more snow would mean much milder temperatures.  So the choices are mild and snowy or sunny, clear and freezing.  Some options eh?

I’ve been doing a lot of research (because what else am I going to do when it’s so cold you can see your breath when walking by the front door) on this Paleo diet that Freckles and Shady have been talking about.  It’s very interesting to me mostly because it’s definitely more a lifestyle choice than it is a traditional diet.

No counting calories, no strict portion control and no extreme exercise regimen.  The best part is that our family is already eating much of the recommended meals with only a few exceptions when it comes to starches and sugars.

We’re already big on lean meats, fresh veggies and berries and I’ve been cooking with butter instead of oils for years. It looks like this “diet” is worth checking out and I’m really excited to try some of the recipes I found at the above link.

Other than that, I’m continuing with my hunkering under the duvet mode just trying to stay warm.  I’m doing a lot of cooking and baking too just so I can keep close to the warm oven.

So wherever you are, be grateful that you’re not here.  In fact, if there’s room at your place maybe I’ll come visit.  😉



§ 6 Responses to Could It Be Any Colder?

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