The Rewards of Encouragment

January 26, 2011 § 4 Comments

Back in November I encouraged Daughter to write a fan letter to David Tennant (Dr. Who).  Though she thought it was a great idea she was a little hesitant and unsure of what she would say.

I told her to write down whatever she thought she might like to say to Mr. Tennant and ask him anything she wanted to know.  The process evolved into a mini-project as she made both a rough draft and good copy of her letter.  She researched the address, cost of sending it and found out exactly what an International Reply Coupon is.

Then together we walked to the nearest letter box and she mailed it.  Since then it’s been a daily routine of “Mom, has the mail come yet?” with me responding, “Why don’t you go check?”

As it happens today I checked the mail because Daughter was taking her time getting herself going.  With the weather as it has been I don’t make a big deal of this because the mail box is as far as anyone is going anyway.

Well, guess what arrived today????

An autographed postcard of Mr. Tennant dress in his Dr. Who get up.  It’s even addressed to Daughter personally.  I swear you’ve never seen such a delighted 15 year old girl and I think it would take a crane to get the smile off her face.

I’m so glad I encouraged her to do something so extroverted.  I’m also extremely proud of her for doing it and waiting so patiently (almost 10 weeks) for the reward.

It’s a happy day here let me tell you.  😀


§ 4 Responses to The Rewards of Encouragment

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