Getting Back in the Game

February 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

Okay, so I’ve had a lousy couple of weeks.  The cold weather and living like a hermit for the last couple of months certainly have not helped.

But I’ve pulled up my socks, am starting to focus on the good stuff and I’ve decided to just get on with actually accomplishing things around here…for me.

You see, there’s this space in the basement that’s just waiting for me to clean it up, organize it and turn it into a craft, sewing, Mom’s-doin’-her-own-thing room.  I have a hutch and matching table, 3 dressers, two bookshelves and a love seat with two matching chairs.  There’s also some other miscellaneous bits of furniture and a small filing cabinet.

I have all the makings for an awesome space where I can sew, get crafty, work on my novel or just sit and read without taking up our general living spaces with my crap gear.

Of course this means a great deal of going through stuff, purging, cleaning, organizing, moving furniture around and putting stuff away.  Don’t you wish you could just wiggle your nose and get it all done?  (as Cate says, “Geddit?”)

Anyway, since witchcraft is not an option, I’m going to have to take this one step at a time.  This weekend I’m hoping to get through the first three steps and over the course of next week to tackle the last three.

I really think that finally having a space to call my own with help alleviate the funk I’ve been in and encourage me to focus more on achieving my goals for 2011.




§ 5 Responses to Getting Back in the Game

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