Setting a Pace

February 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

Phew!  I’m exhausted.  It’s been non-stop sorting, purging and cleaning for a good week straight.

Hubby asked where he was when Martha Stewart possessed me.  He was quick to add that he’s not complaining, he’s just finding it amusing to see me clean like I did when I was “nesting” with Daughter.  Added bonus is that I’m not pregnant. 😀

I could just keep at ‘er until I fall over but I’ve decided it’s time to slow down, set a pace and work on one of my favourite projects…To Do Lists!

Every room in the house still has things that need to be done from the little touch ups in the bathroom to full out overhaul in the kitchen.  My plan is tackle these chores one room at a time until they’re done, starting with the easiest of course.  😉

My goal is to have the inside done by mid Spring so that when the snow melts and it’s time to start working outside I can focus my attention there.  I really can’t wait to muck about outside in my gardens and find out what’s going to come of all the bulbs I planted in the fall.

I also can’t wait to have another go at a vegetable garden. So far we’ve only managed successfully growing cucumbers, beans and tomatoes.  Not bad, but after last year’s cabbage, carrot and radish fiasco we did get a little daunted.

This year, in addition to what we know works, I want to try zucchini and rhubarb.  Mmmmmm.

Okay, see why I have to slow down and set a pace?  I’ve been moving so fast this last week that I’m finding it hard to stop the whirling dervish motion.  I just want to keep going until every last little thing is done.

But I know that if I don’t stop to enjoy the fruits of my labour; just sit quietly in my new space, relax in a bath in the redone bathroom, sit at the dining room table and just enjoy the uncluttered and dust free view, it really would be all for naught.

I’m not doing this for merely the sake of having a clean house…anymore.  Now I’m doing it for the sake of my soul and to keep up how good it has felt to focus on my family, my space and my dreams.


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