An Exercise in Frustra…err Perseverance

March 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

I finally got my guitar restrung.  Yay for me!

It only cost me the better part of two hours (having walked away several times in lieu of smashing the guitar to bits), three shredded fingernails and a slew of sailor worthy curse words.

Obviously, restringing a guitar is NOT like riding a bike and it’s very easy to forget how to do it.  After getting the fourth string on, I realized I had them on upside down.  Though I am in fact left handed, and despite my left handed brother teaching my first chords on his lefty strung guitar, I actually play right handed.  I’m weird that way.

Fine, got that sorted. Then I had to restring the fourth string again because I had the peg going in the wrong direction.  Arrrrggggghhhh.  How am I supposed to work on writing the next Top 40 hit with all this nonsense buggering it up?

There, it’s done.  All the strings in the right place and all the pegs in their proper direction.  Time to give ‘er a tune.  Oh man, the battery in my tuner is dead…that’s it!  I’m done.

I’d like to say that I can tune my guitar by ear and that I have no need of fancy modern gadgets to help but I can’t.  Though I can easily tell when a guitar is out of tune, I have a much harder time telling when it is perfectly tuned.

Anyway, what’s worse is that we have a gazillion AA and AAA batteries all over the house for the remotes for the t.v.’s, remotes for the Wii, our camera, our video recorder etc…

What we don’t have on hand are any 9Volts that only my tuner, oh and maybe the smoke detectors, take.  Sheesh.

I haven’t given up mind you and I’m still eager to play.  But if I worked on something right now, it would be an out of tune ballad about how annoying it is to restring a guitar.

Lady Gaga has absolutely nothing to worry about.  😉

§ 3 Responses to An Exercise in Frustra…err Perseverance

  • Cate says:

    Well I can’t play a guitar but I can tune them! How about I pop over and help you out……sigh.

  • Bernie says:

    I can’t do either. I just picture the string whomping me in the face if I were to do that. Your perseverance paid off.

  • Sheri says:

    Cate – You don’t want to come here, really. It’s cold, damp and cold. I think I should come over there. 😀

    Bernie – The strings do have a mind of their own until you get it stretched out of them. 😀 Yes, yes it did. 😀

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