Project 2011 – Week Seventeen

April 28, 2011 § 3 Comments

Week seventeen, wow.  Technically, it was last week that was 4 months but it’s really only hitting home this week that a third of the year has now passed.  I’m the type who uses birthdays, anniversaries and holidays as sign posts to mark my life’s journey.  I take more pictures, I write more and I make life changes, some subtle and others not so.

Right now I want to take stock of the goals I set in January and have already changed since then…

1) Take better care of my body.

I justified this vague goal so as not to put too much pressure on myself and to ease into a healthier lifestyle.  What I’ve discovered is that trying to ease my way into a healthier lifestyle is like trying to ease my way out of a lazyboy chair after the third glass of wine.  I just grab a blanket because I’m not going anywhere.

“Do or do not…there is no try.”  Yoda

2) Finish writing the first draft of my novel.

This started off okay but I think, again, I’ve gone too wide with this goal.  Perhaps I need to break it down into smaller pieces.  It’s difficult to put together a puzzle when you have no idea what the final picture looks like.  I think I really need to go back to the beginning with this and figure out if it’s something I really want to pursue right now.

3) Be kinder to myself.

I actually think this is a keeper goal.  Over the last several months I’ve been making a conscious effort to not let myself get away with putting myself down.  I’ve been allowing myself to take pride in my meager but still invaluable contributions to my family and home. I even bought myself a bouquet of flowers.  All of this led me to wanting to be kinder to and more appreciative of the people I have in my life.  By making myself happy, I have more inspiration and a deeper desire to make others happy.  Who knew?

4) I recently added making handmade cards.

Well, I’m still making cards and having a blast doing it.  Still, I think I’m going to switch this up to a more general be-some-sort-of-crafty-this-week goal. I STILL have Daughter’s Tom Baker (Dr. Who) scarf to finish, I have a coffee table I want to strip, sand and varnish and I have all kinds of canvases, paints and brushes calling my name.

For the next third of the year, I want to add keeping on top of my garden as another goal.  It’s not a big task and after a couple of years experience we’re in for fewer surprises than when were newbies and were overrun by cucumbers.  Still, I always have big plans for harvesting and storing but always end up with more waste than I like.  I’m hoping to improve on that this year.

That’s my Project 2011 for this week.  Off to check out how everyone else is doing.  😀

Another Award

April 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Well gee, I’m going to get a swelled head with all these awards.  Thanks again to Bernie @ One Mixed Bag for yet another award.

The best part of this award is just what it says.  No hoops to jump through, no rules, no obligations.  Just accept it.  Well, I do accept it and I’m grateful, as always, to Bernie for thinking of me.

Note to Self

April 26, 2011 § 4 Comments

Oh you go girl, go give it a whirl
Go pretending that it doesn’t matter

Oh you go my friend, you keep trying to pretend
That it didn’t shape your very core

Try as you might to ignore the thoughts that still
Keep you awake at night
Try as you might to fight the forces that let you
Get away with ignoring what’s right

You my dear are long since passed grown up
You my dear are long since passed responsible

Try as you might
It’s time to just go ahead and do

Try as you might
To forget, I won’t let you

To my forty year old self
From my fifteen year old me

I will not be silenced…

Our Easter Weekend

April 25, 2011 § 5 Comments

Along with the new couch came, inherited from a friend, a glass table and chairs set…

that I absolutely had to make room for.  As you can see, Hercules agrees.

It’s a great little set up for coffee in the morning or if I want to whip off some cards and don’t feel like cluttering up the dining room table.  I can also sit there with my laptop and maybe work on my novel.

The in-laws came over for dinner and it was lovely.  MIL brought me this gorgeous arrangement…

and I picked up the tin basket and coloured eggs (I’m not sure what they’re made of) at our local craft store for less than $10.00.  I snagged the ribbon off of something else, so that was free.

Last night we had roast beef, roasted carrots and turnip, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, homemade buns, cheese sauce and gravy.  Oh, and trifle for dessert.  It was awesome…

…especially the gravy.  I swear I could live off the stuff.  Thanks to my MIL who taught me how to make her German Mennonite mother’s gravy.

Today has been about taking it easy.  I’m making a stew with leftovers, putting away the good dishes and gathering up the laundry for the week.

Hubby, well…

he’s doing taxes.  Poor buggar.  Despite the hours spent in the kitchen and laundry room, I still think I got the better end of the deal.


Project 2011 – Week Sixteen

April 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

Another week that just flew by.  Actually, it didn’t really.  It’s kind of been dragging on because of the cold, very wet weather. Nothing like staring out your window looking at gardens that need cleaning up and weeding.  *sigh*

Then, then…oh heaven’s I can’t even say it.  This morning I woke up to…

No, the ducks weren’t playing with a bottle of talcum powder…that my friends, is snow.  I cursed, closed the window and grumbled through my first cup of coffee.  Not a happy day for me folks.

This week has been pretty much a lost cause for all my goals and though I’m giving myself lots of leeway, I can’t help but feel like I’ll never get my mojo back.  I really need some nice warm sunny days out in my yard to revitalize me.

I did however, get this today…

The new couch was delivered about an hour ago. I’m so tickled. Ain’t she a beaut? I love the thick cushions and the wood detailing.  Of course now the rest of my stuff looks like I got it at a local rummage sale but that’s okay. I’ll build around it.  😀

Have a great weekend and to all who celebrate, have a very Happy Easter.

Duck Talk

April 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

It’s All About the Ducks

April 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

Yay! The ducks came back again yesterday. This time no one flew off when I went outside with a fresh tray of corn and some bread.

Hubby snapped some photos of me admiring my feathered friends.

They just make me so darn happy.  😀

Oh, Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

Days like today don’t come along very often so when they do, I think it’s just cause to give out a great big, “WooHoo!!!”

First, it started off with a last minute invite to go shopping at our local thrift shop with a good friend.  Always a treat and loads of fun.  There, I found…

A set of very pretty couch cushions that will go great with the new couch that’s coming in a couple of weeks.  I paid $8.oo for the set.  You heard me.  Score!  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see how my new grown up living room is going to look.

Okay…now if that wasn’t enough, oh man, I’m so tickled…

A (previously owned (god bless her soul who ever she is) and perfectly worn in), pair of new favourite jeans.  I swear they fit better than any other pair I’ve ever owned. They’re not too loose, they’re not too tight. They accentuate the right parts and disguise the not so right parts. They’re faded grey cotton with just a hint of spandex with a low rise waist and boot leg cut.  I LOVE them!!  Also, only $8.00.  Oh and the spots…that’s just rain.

I was trying them on and walking around in them when I noticed something out back and then went outside in the pouring rain to take pictures of…

DUCKIES IN THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s a horrible pic but I was trying not to get wet while also trying to contain my excitement so I didn’t scare them.

I wish I had the words to explain my delight at seeing them. You’d think with my poetic tendencies it would be easy but it’s really not. I write prose about stuff that’s familiar and usually already partially digested.  This kind of joy and the faith it inspires in me is still kind of new.

And I really did miss them last year.  I sincerely hope they stick around for awhile.  I love communing with them, feeding them and just watching them do their ducky thing.  The longer they stay too, the more inspired I am to learn about them.

What a great day!

Project 2011 – Week Fifteen

April 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

Okay, it’s not cute anymore how quickly the weeks are flying by.  I’m having some trouble catching up with my goals but true to form, Cate @ Moments of Whimsy (click on the image to go straight to her post) is keeping me in check with her diligent leadership.  Not to mention, this week she has a surprise and we’re all on the edge of our seats to find out what it is.

Okay, so here goes:

1) Taking better care of my body…hmmmm.  Well, we’re still working on incorporating more and more Paleo recipes into our diet and we’re loving the increasing variety of our meals.  I’m still very slow though to ban all carbs and sugars and I suspect that’s why I’m not seeing the results that others, who have, are.  As for exercise however, well that’s going…okay, it’s not going at all.  Hopefully, I’ll have more positive news next week.

2) No update for the novel either.  I did think about opening up my laptop and just having a peek at the chapter I was last working on.  Then I heard some birdies chirping in the backyard and I went and sat outside to visit with them.

3) Kinder to myself…it’s been an interesting week for this. What I’ve noticed is that I LOVE being kind to others.  It makes me feel good about myself, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and fosters a deeper faith in humanity.  This week  kinder to myself has meant fully enjoying and appreciating how good it makes me feel to be kind to others.

4) Making cards…boy, did I make cards.  In fact, I’m kind of scared of how many cards I could actually make in a week if I put even just an hour a day into it.  In just one session I made a dozen cards and I’m really pleased with the results.  Last night Hubby was asking me about my new endeavour and I regaled (and probably, bored) him with my ideas for adding my own poetry and sketches to them.  What’s really weird is that when I was 14, 25 years ago, I seriously considered starting up a small greeting card business.  I had a good friend who was great at drawing and I was just starting out with my poetry…we thought it would be a neat project.  Of course, we got distracted by boys and dances and parties and it was quickly forgotten.  Still, full circles.  😀

I’ll be doing the rounds soon and look forward to checking out all your progress reports.

More Cards by Me

April 13, 2011 § 5 Comments

Wow, who knew I could be so productive?  Apparently all I needed was some supplies and an hour by myself watching Antiques Roadshow to get this…

That there is about half of what I whipped off this morning.  Not bad for an hour’s work eh?  I’m really enjoying this bit of crafting.  Plus I actually have something purposeful to do with them. Give them to family and friends, yay!

The medieval costumes are fun and all, but practical?  Not so much.  😀


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