Project 2011 – Week Fourteen

April 7, 2011 § 6 Comments

Oh my gosh, is it really Week Fourteen already?  As much as I’m loving this weekly sharing of how we’re doing on goals and the support therein, it’s kind of freaking me out how fast the weeks are flying.

This week has been pretty much an extension of last week in that I haven’t made much progress on my regular goals like diet, exercise and working on my novel.

I did get some cards done and I am quite pleased with how a couple of them turned out.  The thing I love most about this craft is that I’m usually creating something with someone in mind to give it to.  Thinking of that person is very inspiring and motivating.  It’s also helps to add a personal touch.

Ironically, I did manage to get make a little headway on a goal I set for myself in January but gave up on last month.

I finally pampered myself with…

A haircut!  I got my BF to take the picture while she was hanging out today and this is the best we could do.  First she wasn’t sure how to use my camera and then we kept making each other laugh.  All told she snapped 7 shots and this was the best.

Several thoughts came to mind when I first looked at it…

Oh wow, I’ve put on weight.  I knew that because the scale is a soulless, without compassion, truth teller as are my favourite jeans that have consistently refused to button up for over a year.  Still, these pics made it hit home.  I am yet undecided about how it makes me feel.  I mean, I did still post it.  😀

Second, and much more happy thoughtish is, ‘Well now there’s a happy girl.’  That’s a purely genuine heartfelt grin aimed at one of the dearest and sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege to call friend.  I really like that.

Lastly was, ‘Sheesh, I could have thought to put on a little makeup.’   😀

It’s been a crazy busy week in that with everything else, I met Son’s new girlfriend who is a sweetheart and cute as a bug.  I couldn’t help but thinking (and yes, ONLY thinking) what beautiful grandbabies they could make for me.

Yes, not even 40 and that’s where I’m at.  I suppose it’s an unforeseen side effect of having my first child at 16.




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