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According to Bernie @ One Mixed Bag, I’m worthy of…

award!  Cool eh?  The rules for this award, aren’t there always rules, is to list 7 random facts about myself and then pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.  Bahahahahaha…I don’t even know 15 other bloggers.  Basically the latter isn’t going to happen.

Okay, 7 random facts about me:

1) I have 5 older brothers none of whom drank milk. Until I was about 10 or so I thought that it was a “boy” thing and that boys just didn’t drink it.  I was gobsmacked when I was at a friend’s house and her brother drank a glass of milk.  I was also utterly embarrassed at my naive assumption. Yes, they laughed at me.

2) I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26 and I failed my final road test 3 times.  Strangely, I’m an excellent driver and in 14 years I have only ever had 1 parking ticket. No accidents and no moving violations.

3) I can read upside down. Quite well actually. I have no idea what that means.

4) I’m finding this list very difficult.

5) When I’m 46, my Son will be 30.  Wow, eh?

6) I can’t think of anything because that last one freaked me out.

7) Jell-O grosses me out. I just can’t trust something that jiggles for no good reason.

There you have it. Thanks again to Bernie for thinking of me and honouring me with this award.

Everything’s Coming up Ros…I mean, Crocuses

April 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Spring has officially sprung and though it’s still quite chilly (-2 C to -5 C) at night, during the day the sun has been bright and warm enough to foster this…

Blooming crocuses and this…

A budding daffodil!

Yay!  This was my first attempt at bulbs and I have to admit that waiting a whole winter to see the results has tested my patience.  But oh my, I’m beaming with self-satisfaction.  Who knew that a blooming flower could make a person feel so proud?

Well, perhaps God.   😀

I also got a lovely blog award from Bernie.

But I’ll write about that tomorrow.


Cats – Because They’re Everywhere

April 10, 2011 § 7 Comments

For many, many years now we’ve been a household with as many, sometimes more, cats as people living together.

We started out with just two, Mooncrow and Shade, hubby’s cats.  But they’ve both passed on, as has Karma, who was…even as cats go…a personality all unto her own and lived up to her name.  We miss them all dearly.

Still, presently…

here are Rosie and Darth our two eldest. You figure out which is which.  😉  Do you notice how they’re sort of casually hanging about pretending they’re not aware of the others’ presence?

Ha! These are the two that I’ll find boxing in the fireplace room.  They’ll growl and scream all the while throwing and pawing each other in a hilarious kitty death match.  Who needs the WWF?

Sheesh…now I know why I didn’t have more children.  “Okay, enough! Break it up you two.”

This is Hercules, a black and white short hair that has pretty distinct markings of white muzzle, chest and paws.  I recently learned that they’re referred to as “tuxedo” cats.  Made perfect sense to me and I thought it was quite apt.

He’s a stray that just happened across our back door a few years ago.  Injured and hungry we fed him and took him to the vet not really planning to keep him but just making sure he was okay.  $800 later, yep…we were keeping him. Though really, I think it was more a matter of him deciding he was keeping us.

And this is our latest addition, Panther.  She was one of Son’s cats who moved in with him last summer.  It’s a long story but in the end when Son moved back out on his own in January, Panther stayed.  She’s a pistol. Don’t let her size fool you.  She’s nearly two years old, though she still looks and acts like she’s only 6 months.

The thing is, she’s an indoor cat and that has just recently started venturing out into “the big room”.  The one with trees and birds and squirrels, oh my!  It’s hilarious to watch.  And yet, like a toddler, I worry when she wanders off too far.

Seriously…I need to start working on my novel.  😀



Project 2011 – Week Fourteen

April 7, 2011 § 6 Comments

Oh my gosh, is it really Week Fourteen already?  As much as I’m loving this weekly sharing of how we’re doing on goals and the support therein, it’s kind of freaking me out how fast the weeks are flying.

This week has been pretty much an extension of last week in that I haven’t made much progress on my regular goals like diet, exercise and working on my novel.

I did get some cards done and I am quite pleased with how a couple of them turned out.  The thing I love most about this craft is that I’m usually creating something with someone in mind to give it to.  Thinking of that person is very inspiring and motivating.  It’s also helps to add a personal touch.

Ironically, I did manage to get make a little headway on a goal I set for myself in January but gave up on last month.

I finally pampered myself with…

A haircut!  I got my BF to take the picture while she was hanging out today and this is the best we could do.  First she wasn’t sure how to use my camera and then we kept making each other laugh.  All told she snapped 7 shots and this was the best.

Several thoughts came to mind when I first looked at it…

Oh wow, I’ve put on weight.  I knew that because the scale is a soulless, without compassion, truth teller as are my favourite jeans that have consistently refused to button up for over a year.  Still, these pics made it hit home.  I am yet undecided about how it makes me feel.  I mean, I did still post it.  😀

Second, and much more happy thoughtish is, ‘Well now there’s a happy girl.’  That’s a purely genuine heartfelt grin aimed at one of the dearest and sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege to call friend.  I really like that.

Lastly was, ‘Sheesh, I could have thought to put on a little makeup.’   😀

It’s been a crazy busy week in that with everything else, I met Son’s new girlfriend who is a sweetheart and cute as a bug.  I couldn’t help but thinking (and yes, ONLY thinking) what beautiful grandbabies they could make for me.

Yes, not even 40 and that’s where I’m at.  I suppose it’s an unforeseen side effect of having my first child at 16.




April 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

I was going to save this pic for tomorrow’s Project 2011 post but it’s taken and I’ll be very busy tomorrow and not sure when I’ll be able to get around to posting.

Here’s a pic of a couple of cards that I made yesterday.

I actually made three but I didn’t like the other one enough to photograph it.  I found some really fun stickers in the craft aisle of my local big box store and thought I’d play with them.  As you can see by the Thank You card, I need to work on my alignment a little.  😀  Still, they’re cute, fun and I can’t wait to work on some more.

As always a big shout out to Bernie @ One Mixed Bag for inspiring and encouraging me with this new endeavour.  😀

Spring Has Arrived and Random Stuff

April 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

And it’s raining and grey outside.  Boo.  But it means that winter is over.  Yay!  I want to be outside in my backyard cleaning up my gardens.  Boo.  It’s above ten degrees and the windows are open letting in fresh air.  Yay!

Spring is here!  😀

After looking outside this morning and sighing, I turned up the radio and set myself to task.  There was still quite a bit of dust laying about as our friend Mike came back on Saturday to finish cutting the drywall and reinforce the opening.

While doing a thorough dust I took the opportunity to purge a few knick knacks and put away some clutter.  Daugther mopped the floors while I did dishes and cleaned out the fridge and freezer.  In between all of that, I got three loads of laundry done.

Who’s got time to notice that it’s grey, cold and wet?  Actually, it’s really not that cold.  I’m just whinging now.

I’m so glad though that I got a head start on the purging and cleaning this year.  Normally my Spring cleaning gets done around July so to be ahead of the game in April is just so freeing.  I’ve managed to work my way down to one give away box that once full goes directly to Good Will.

It’s also easier now to be conscious of unnecessary purchasing because my first thought is, “Where is that going to go?”  We just recently bought a new couch for the living room, a first for us, and I’ve convinced Hubby that when the new one arrives, the old one is going OUT to the curb and not IN the basement.  Another first.  😀

Oh, on Saturday, I finally got that haircut I promised myself back in January.  I’d post a pic but I don’t have one yet and I’m not taking one now because I haven’t showered yet today and it’s a horrible dusty mess…maybe later.  Anyway, it felt so good to chop off so much (about 3 inches), get it layered and have it styled.  I swear it took about ten years off my face and made me feel so much lighter.

I even splurged and bought myself some hot rollers…hehehe, maybe am I more of a girly girl than I thought?

I’m going to work on making some cards this week and I’m planning to take some pictures for this week’s Project 2011 post.  Thanks to those of you who have been asking about how it’s going.  😀


Project 2011 – Week Thirteen

April 2, 2011 § 6 Comments

Oopsie! I’m a little late this week.  I got so excited about my new open kitchen that it slipped my mind. That and it’s taken me days just clean up all the dust.  Cate, you have my sympathies what with multiple entire walls being taken down out at your place.

Anywho, to my goals for this week…

1) Taking better care of my body.  Can’t say that I got much accomplished on this front. With Hubby home this week and gone last week, exercise and diet have pretty much gone out the window. I’m determined though to get back on track and will start again this week.

2) Didn’t write, read or even edit a word of my novel. That too got pushed way to the bottom of the priority list.  This time though I’m not discouraged and am just looking at it as an opportunity to get excited again once I do get back at it.

3) I suppose in general I have been much kinder to myself than I used to be.  The small gestures, like buying myself flowers and letting myself enjoy my down time, have done wonders for quieting my negative inner dialogue.  Much of my baggage seems to have been checked and put away permanently.

4) The new handmade card racket is going quite well.  Thanks as always to Bernie for her inspiration. The thing is, I’m mostly inclined to make them one at a time as I need them instead of just spending a couple of hours whipping a bunch up.  While the latter might be more productive, I kind of enjoy making them with a specific person in mind to give them to.  (Keep checking your mailbox Bernie.  😉  )

I’ve already done the rounds and checked out how you guys are doing. Sorry, I took so long getting to bat with mine.




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