When Life Sneaks Up on You

May 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

Tomorrow Hubby and I celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Holy matrimony Batman!  (like my play on words there?)

Not only did the anniversary sneak up on us but it feels like the whole 16 years has.  It’s like what, really?  We’ve been together that long?

Time just seems to disappear while you’re busy building a home, raising kids and hoping for a nice enough summer week to get away camping.

I think what amazes us the most is that we really do love (and like) each other even more than we did when we first fell in love all those many moons ago.

A cute anecdote about our anniversary is that Daughter finally did the math.

Daughter: How long have you been married?

Me: Sixteen years.

Daughter: That’s how old I’ll be on my birthday in July.

Me: Yep.

Daughter: Wait…that means…

Me: Yep. I was out to here and looked like I was hoarding a basketball under my wedding dress.

Daughter: (giggling) So, you HAD to get married!

Me: No dear, we didn’t have to.  We very much wanted to, you just moved things along a little faster that’s all.



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