Lego My Memory

May 17, 2011 § 8 Comments

Along with purging Daughter’s room and cleaning out the closets came a virtual treasure trove of Lego.

Pictured is about half of it.  There are buckets worth of coloured bricks and various pieces, all mismatched and dusty.  I tried really hard not to think about how much we paid for all of it…I mean, seriously…that shit’s expensive.

I’m still not yet sure what I want to do with it all but the idea in the lead is to give most of it to a friend’s son.  In any case, the lot needs to be cleaned and sorted.

So while I’m doing that…washing and drying and sorting…I’m also remembering.  Sweet memories of building imaginary places, the hours spent sorting sizes and colours for just the right look and of laughing ourselves silly as we crashed it all down.

I was just looking to be nice and not give away dust laden toys.  I wasn’t counting on the emotional attachment.  I mean really, it’s just Lego for goodness sake.


§ 8 Responses to Lego My Memory

  • MrCrow says:

    But it’s Lego! Of course you get attached to it. You used to curse us for building huge monstrous cities on the dinner table…right before dinner.

    They will be enjoyed in their new home. 😀

  • Shady Lady says:

    We love Legos!! Princess has the new fangled girly version…shades of pink and other girly colors. I remember my Legos from when I was a kid. Yup, they are timeless and I am sure the recipient will create many wonderful memories. I guess Princess isn’t the only one who has a hard time giving stuff away, huh? 😉

  • Sheri says:

    MrCrow – Hehe, I actually forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. 😀

    Shady – Actually, it’s rare that I hold emotional attachment to stuff like this. Most things I have no trouble at all tossing or getting rid of. 😀

  • MrCrow says:

    …specially MY stuff 😉

  • Bernie says:

    My brother and I used to love legos.
    I can see where you might be a bit touched. Its a bit of her childhood going away. Happy memories for you.

  • Sheri says:

    MrCrow – Hardy har har! 😛

    Bernie – It’s not just Daughter’s lego, much of it was Son’s first. We’re talking the full gambit of “we” as in me and my kids. And yes, they are very happy memories. 😀

  • Cate says:

    Lego is one of the few toys that my parents hung on to when we kids had left home, and all of their grandkids have loved playing with it at Grandma’s……just a thought…

  • Sheri says:

    Cate – And what a wonderful thought it is! Actually, I’ve decided to keep some of my favourite pieces, mostly the medieval and Harry Potter sets. And yes, with a little bit of someday playing with my grandchildren in mind. 😀

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