Project 2011 – Week Twenty

May 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

Our fearless leader Cate @ Moments of Whimsy is MIA so far this week.  Not to worry though, I know she’s a busy lady with a lot on her plate right now and that she needs us to have her back and keep the project going.  So ladies, let’s keep at ‘er.

This week, I…well…I…

Okay, I pouted because it’s been raining EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Every morning I’ve woken up to grey skies, wet gardens and the steady fall of rain drops.

So I turned my attention inward and have continued on with my now bordering on obsessive need to tidy, organize and clean.  It’s not a bad thing, I know.  But mid purge, it looks like cupboards of crap have exploded in every room of my house.

In my head I know what’s going on.  That pile there is being donated, that pile there needs to be sorted, that pile there is waiting for garbage day and that pile there…I don’t know yet what I’m doing with that pile there.

This morning though the rain stopped. No, the clouds did not part and sunshine did not fall with gentle warmth onto the landscape.  The rain just stopped.  Good enough!

I went outside and dumped 4 bags of fresh composty type dirt onto the garden under my tree. I reveled in the humidity and hard work of carrying, dumping and raking it all out.  I even thought about how I could translate the experience into my novel and I pat myself on the back for a job well done.

Physical Activity – done
Worked on Novel – done
Kinder to Myself – done
Did Something Crafty – nope
Worked on Gardens – done

Gee, and to think when I started this post I thought the week was a write off.  Off to check out how everyone else is doing.  😀


§ 5 Responses to Project 2011 – Week Twenty

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