Holiday Weekend

May 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s Victoria Day Weekend here in Canada.  A tribute to our Royalist beginnings but more a celebration of the beginning of summer and the very temporary legalization of fireworks.

This year though, Spring took so long in coming that most of us are just taking advantage of the break from the constant rain to work outside in our gardens, get summer vehicles ready for the road and just gripe about the unusual amount of rain.

And by that I mean the day and half we just had without rain that ended in rain just a short time ago.  It is pouring as I write this, with thunderstorms predicted in the next few hours.  We might even lose power.


I LOVE thunderstorms and losing power. It’s like an adventure. We light candles and maybe even a fire, we get scared by the thunder but know it can’t hurt us and we live a more minute to minute existence.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find it exhilarating and tons of fun.

Still, I’ll never understand people who like roller coasters.  Yikes.



§ 4 Responses to Holiday Weekend

  • Shady Lady says:

    I love thunderstorms!! Where I grew up, we had lots of them. Here in the Portland area, not so much. When it does happen, it’s always very exciting!!! And we had TWO, count them – TWO, whole days of sun before the rain returned. I even got a sunburn!

  • Bernie says:

    I love a good Thunder Storm.
    Here in Montana I feel like I need go grow webbed feet soon. Its been raining for days straight.

  • Sheri says:

    So ladies, even though we live miles and miles apart from each other, we’re all reporting stupid amounts of rain?

    Hmmmmm. 😀

    We still haven’t actually had a full blown thunderstorm yet. It’s been very nice out today with lots of sunshine but very windy.

    Who knows? All we can say is that we’re glad it’s not raining. 😀

  • Cate says:

    We’ve been getting plenty of rain too, but don’t get the massive thunderstorms here that we used to get in Sydney.

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