What’s in a Gnome?

May 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

Okay, so it seems you all (all three of you who read my blog) are asking for an update on my little Gnome family.  First a little history.

For Mother’s Day last year I received my first Gnome as a gift from Hubby.  I never expressed, or had for that matter, much interest in them but Hubby saw one and thought I’d like it.  It was LOVE at first sight.  He was just so darn cute.

This is him, Bob.  Because I was new to Gnome adoption I had no idea that the little critters like to be named.  Not being able to come up with one on my own, I held a blog contest to Name my Gnome.  Cate’s daughter B won the draw and the rest, as they say, is history.  At the moment Bob’s job is to guard the garden supplies and just be his adorable self.

This is Noliet, nope not a Gnome but an equally valuable member of my garden family.  She got her name from Shady’s daughter Princess who suggested it for the contest.  I liked the name so much that even though someone else won, I knew I would use it and as soon as I saw this little froggy, she was Noliet.  Noliet is in Hubby’s veggie garden watching over the beans.

This is Mr. Gigglesworth, another suggestion from my contest.  Doesn’t his name suit him?  I giggle every time I look at him.  He’s in my veggie patch, though he’s too busy smiling to worry about the squirrels that got at my onion bulbs.  But who can stay mad at a face like that?

This is Fred.  He’s named after Hubby’s father who passed away before we met.  My father’s name is Bob so I thought it fitting to pass on another patriarchal moniker.  Fred is on planter patrol, a job he seems to have no trouble working into his tinkering schedule.

These little guys are the twins, Merry and Pippin.  They’re much smaller than the others and so they live indoors and keep a watchful eye on the house plants.  They usually do a good job but every so often the turn their backs and a frisky cat will knock over the aloe vera.

There you have it folks.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my Gnomes as much as I did writing about them.  😀


§ 4 Responses to What’s in a Gnome?

  • Shady Lady says:

    I love this post AND your gnomes. Now I’m yearning for some garden friends, although I’m thinking that perhaps fairies may be more appropriate for our garden. The gnomes are really super cute, though. Hmmm, perhaps a fairy/gnome menagerie! I think you may have inspired something, Sheri…

  • Bernie says:

    Oh, thank you for introducing them. Bob is my favorite. I like how they got the names as well.
    We ordered a Travelocity gnome and love him. His name is Fernwinkle the Farfetched. He rides in the back of our car. I know at one time we had pictures of him in Minnesota and in South Dakota.
    We don’t have kids. We make due with what we have. *lol*

  • Sheri says:

    Shady – Thanks. Yeah, they do add a bit of whimsy and character to the backyard. I love your fairy/gnome menagerie idea.

    Bernie – Well, if that isn’t the coolest name for a Gnome…I LOVE it! We can just buy the Travelocity gnome at Canadian Tire (a national hardware store chain), I saw a bunch of them there just a couple of weeks ago. I actually thought it was odd that they sold them…I had no idea you could also order them. Neat.

  • Cate says:

    Very cool to see that Bob and gang are still ruling the roost at your house 🙂

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