Summer is Here

June 8, 2011 § 6 Comments

On the weekend we cleaned up the deck, organized the furniture in the gazebo and opened the pool.  I also got a new deck Gnome, though he is still at the moment nameless.

And as though it were on ceremony to welcome the gods of summer, this week we get our first heat wave.  Yesterday the humidex reached 34C  (93 F for my Imperial friends) and this afternoon the actual temperature will reach that with a humidex of 43C  (that’s 109.4 F).

They’re predicting 40% chance of thundershowers for the next 24 hours but I’m not holding my breath.  Last time they called for thunderstorms we got a tiny little kaboom and only about 15 minutes of downpour.  The power didn’t even go out.  That is not my idea of a rockin’ thunderstorm. 😉

In any case, it’s too hot to sit outside and enjoy my deck and the pool is still not quite ready (ph balance or something Hubby says) to swim in.  So, it’s inside with the curtains closed and the fans on just puttering about.  I must say though, between all the rain during the spring and now the heat, I am getting a lot of little things done around the house.

The long ago forgotten projects that were less important then are now getting done.  Changing a few outlet covers, hanging new curtains, purging boxes and boxes of old toys, games and clutter.   None of it seems like much at the time (except the Lego…it’ll be awhile before I want to even look at Lego) but I’m starting to notice the slowly evolving upgrade from a family home with two small children to a family home with just one teen.

I must say that I’m liking it, a lot!  😀


§ 6 Responses to Summer is Here

  • MrCrow says:

    You can go swimming no problem, water may be a wee bit chilly still.

    One down, one to go.

  • Shady Lady says:

    Wow! It did get hot there!! We are warmer, although still a bit chilly some days. I’m not sure we hit 60º F (15º C) yesterday. I hope the pool water warms up soon. In the meantime, knit woman!! (And good for you for embracing the home transformation!!)

    • Sheri says:

      It sure did. It’s cooled down some but still in the high 20s. Me too, I’m really looking forward to a daily swim for exercise, I’m so sick of the stationary bike. I know, I know…for some reason the closer I get to finishing the scarf the less I feel like doing it. 😀

  • Cate says:

    I am hanging to see the scarf pics so stay the course girl 🙂

    Your deck and pool area look wonderful too.

  • Bernie says:

    When do we get to see a picture of the nameless gnome?
    I wish summer would hurry and get here. If it rains much more, I might loose what little mind I have left!

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