Insomnia and Cats – A Happening

June 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

On occasion I’ve been known to suffer from insomnia and find myself wide awake in the wee hours of the night when everyone else is sound asleep.  And by sound, I mean snoring so loudly that even if I could manage to nod off the mere reverberations would jolt me back to wakefulness.

Last night one was one of these and at 2:45 am while I was watching the end of the movie “The Parent Trap” (the 1998 remake of the 1961 classic unfortunately…I much prefer the original), out of the corner of my eye, I catch Hercules walking into the room with something in his mouth.

Being that it was near 3 am, there were no lamps on and the only light in the room was from the glow of the television.  I looked and thought, ‘Oh, he found a toy mouse.’  We have an array of fabric mice and other miscellaneous cat toys so I didn’t think too much of it and went back to watching my movie.

A minute or two later I spied Hercules, still with treasure in mouth, nestled under the dining room table.  I noticed how said treasure seemed to have a tail more like a thin rope as opposed to the tiny pieces of string the fabric ones possessed.

“Oh man!  Really?  Herc!?  Is that a real *%*&*^ mouse?!”

I jumped up and turned a lamp on.  Stupid eco-friendly light bulbs, can’t see for shit.  I slowly and carefully walked over to Herc and on my approach he dropped his treasure on the floor just in front of me.  It was still too dark too see for sure if it was a real mouse or not but my gut was already convinced.

It was so limp and lifeless, I really couldn’t be sure that even if it was a real mouse, that it was alive. What choice did I have?

“Hon! Wake up.  I think Herc caught a mouse.”

“Wh? Wha…what?  Good for him.”

“No, seriously Hon, I think there’s a mouse in the dining room. I don’t know if it’s dead or what.”

“Really?”  (Not in the interested kind of way but more in the I can’t believe you think this was worth waking me up for kind.) “Oh God! Fine.”

I went back to the scene of the crime and there was Herc sitting beside his motionless quarry with definite pride of ownership.  I just stood as witness until Hubby arrived.  I was pretty sure now that it was a real mouse, I just had no idea of its condition and state.

Hubby grumbled his way out of the bedroom while tying up his robe and approached the seemingly lifeless rodent and its proud predator.  He scratched Herc on the head is some kind of without words expression of, “You’re such a good kitty.”

“Yep, that’s a real mouse,” Hubby said with a little too much glee.

“Oh, gross.  Where did he find that?”

“I don’t know, the mudroom door is closed…can we worry about this tomorrow?  I’ll just clean this up.”

Hubby went and grabbed a couple of paper towels to pick up the corpse so he could just go back to bed.  Herc meanwhile sat by like a soldier at his post and just watched.

With paper towel outstretched and with mere centimeters of the mouse, it jumped up and bounced between Hubby’s feet into the room behind him.

Apparently I jumped, brought my hands up to my chest and squealed in a very stereotypical female reaction, at least that’s what Hubby said.  😉

He spent the next twenty minutes cornering the poor little bugger in the fireplace room and finally caught him in a large plastic measuring cup.  After showing me the mouse, with as much pride as Herc had in catching it first, he released it outside beyond the gardens.

I’m pretty sure the cat thinks we’re idiots.

§ 3 Responses to Insomnia and Cats – A Happening

  • Cate says:

    We’re kind of used to that sort of thing now. Ever since we moved out of the ‘burbs, we’ve had all manner of little presents left at the foot of our beds by the cats.

  • Shady Lady says:

    OMG! That is hysterical… in the way things are when your are not at all, in any way,, shape or form, involved. If it had happened here, I would have completely freaked. You were calm compared to me. As for Hercules and MrCrow, such heroes!! 🙂

  • Bernie says:

    I hate those eco friendly lightulbs as well. Roy insists on them. You can’t see for crap.

    Second, I HATE with the cat gets praised for getting a mouse. *lol* Roy does the same thing. Good (insert cat’s name here) you caught a mouse. Good girl/boy.” Really? I’m standing on a chair screaming and its a good thing?

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