Back From Toronto…Again

July 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

We’re back from our second annual Daughter’s birthday trip to Toronto.  Once again we had a blast splitting the vacation into Daddy/Daughter time, a bit of me time for yours truly and lots of family time.

We celebrated Daughter’s birthday yesterday with presents in the morning, which she was not expecting, an amazing dinner in the hotel restaurant and sharing a strawberry cheesecake and watching tv in our room afterwards.  They’ll be a following up post about Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen next week.

The best day had to be Monday when we went to Canada’s Wonderland. We opted to rent a car instead of take public transit which was well worth the money for the time and aggravation it saved us.  Though, I will admit that I don’t make the best passenger in big city highway traffic…Hubby and Daughter both had to urge me to calm down a half dozen times.

Anywho, once we got to the park though we had a great time wandering around, taking in the sights, playing games and going on rides.  Daughter shot us the occasional “You’re embarrassing me” eye roll when Hubby and I found ourselves reminiscing about the weekend we met and the day we spent at that park falling in love.  We just laughed and told her to deal with it because if it wasn’t for that day, she wouldn’t even be here.  😉

The best however, was that we came across the Antique Photos booth and just like 17 years ago (I don’t actually know where that pic is but I’ll see if I can find it) we dressed up in Old West garb and got our pictures taken.

Isn’t that cool?  Unlike the first time, where we only got two pictures to choose from, we got seven pictures to choose from for prints and they even put all the proofs on disk to bring home.  My favourite of the photos came from the photographer telling us to do whatever we wanted.

Hubby and I improvised this shot…



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