Wherein I Admit that My Trailer is Cleaner and More Organized than My Home

July 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

I guess I’m weird.  I just spent my day, on and off, wandering around the trailer.  Cleaning, organizing, putting stuff away, taking things out of boxes and putting them in smaller boxes, otherwise known as PLAYING.

So why is it WORK when I have to do all those same things in my nice big house?  Anyone got any ideas?  Hmmmm…I’ll be chewing on that one for a while.

Anyway…here’s a few pics that demonstrate what I’ve been doing and just how methodically I’ve been doing it.  😀

Here’s drawer number one with a small bin of utensils (neatly labeled of course), a box of plastic bags and another small bin with candles, matches and lighters (also neatly labeled…d’uh).

This next drawer is a bit more reckless in that I didn’t feel the need to “bin” it all.  But what you have there is the basics of camping cooking utensils, I also had room to squeeze a small bag containing rope and clothespin for my clothesline.  When it comes to storage in a such a small space, “waste not, want not” is always the best motto.

This under the seat storage space unfortunately contains the wheel well which cuts it in half…nonetheless, plenty of room for pots and pans, a bin with craft and art supplies and another bin filled with books and CD’s (yes, both bins are neatly labeled).

In there is a bin with our dishes in it, a bin with hygiene and medical supplies, another bin with flashlights and batteries and one battery operated lantern and once crank latern. Best part, look at all the room still left in there. Woohoo!

The biggest waste of space though has to be be this wardrobe.  Really?  Who hangs up their clothes when they go camping? I dunno…anyway, I’m going to turn this baby into a pantry by adding 4 shelves.  I’d like to take credit for the pure genius of this idea but I can’t.  When I was a kid, I actually watched my step-father do that exact thing to our very similar camper.  Of course, he was much better with tools than I am so we’ll see how it goes.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s a perfect spot to STORE the CLEAN potty under the wardrobe/soon to be pantry.  We’ll have to make arrangements for how we will store the full potty (It comes apart – it’s a clever gadget) on our return trips.

Anyway, you know you’re a real camper when your port-a-potty is your favourite bit of gear.  Of course, that’s before I got the trailer.  I so can’t wait to go camping.

Hey, hon…whenever you’re ready. I’ll just go wait in the trailer.   😉


§ 8 Responses to Wherein I Admit that My Trailer is Cleaner and More Organized than My Home

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