Our Pool – A Love Hate Relationship

July 21, 2011 § 4 Comments

Beauty eh?  In all honesty, I’m a very happy pool owner…now.

I didn’t always love the pool, in fact, there were a few years in a row when I had nothing to do with it and I actually begged Hubby to fill it in.  Yes, I’m grateful now that I didn’t get what I wanted then.

It’s just that when the kids were little, I was a nervous Nelly at the best of times and around water I would get near frantic. When there were other kids in the pool, I was even worse…if you can imagine.

I’ve gotten over now of course.  I’m older, wiser and more inclined to just say, “Hey, you better watch your kid, I think he’s drowning over there.”

And I’m really learning to love the time I spend it in by myself.  Last night I spent an hour just wandering through the shallow end with a hose blowing the bits of dirt and leaves into the deep end.  The vacuum, that Hubby knows how to work, will take care of the rest.

But on days like today, when the humidex reached 47 C  (116 F – Isn’t that like hot even for Texas?), is when the hate part comes in.  When it’s hotter than it’s been in ten years and I finally have a pool of my very own to swim in, instead I’m playing host.

Because where does everybody go when even the air conditioning doesn’t offer relief?  Hey! They have a pool!

Today “the pool” welcomed two teenager girls – Daughter and a friend, one eight year old nephew, one 30 something sister and her friend who brought along her 9 month old daughter and two 5 year olds that she cares for.  That’s eight right there, all at once, six of whom were totally unexpected.

I was a little frazzled but I kept my composure and just served cool drinks and light snacks, occasionally taking a few minutes to dip my feet in.  I guess I shouldn’t whinge too much, after all it is stoopid hot outside and everyone had a really good time.

But rest assured I’ll have a much better time when it’s just me, and maybe Hubby, reveling in our piece of the suburban stream, especially now with the new deck.



§ 4 Responses to Our Pool – A Love Hate Relationship

  • Shady Lady says:

    116º F is freaking insane!!! I get people wanting to cool off in the pool, but I would not dig playing host at all. I guess I’m just mean, but I’d be telling people to bring their own refreshments…or at least make it a pot luck. Yeah…I’m a big meanie!

  • Cate says:

    Yep, I remember those days….I think that you need to suggest that people bring some drinks & munchies with them too.

  • MrCrow says:

    @Wifey: Remind me to install landminds along the side path this weekend (Oh, and I agree with Cate:D The hordes can feed themselves the rest of the summer (lol))

    @Shady: You and I think the same on that front. They want to swim? Get a job and buy a house with a pool.

  • Sheri says:

    Shady – Isn’t it though??? This is Canada for goodness sake, it’s not supposed to get this hot up here.

    And you are NOT mean…what you are is sensible and I will definitely keep that in mind the next time an impromptu pool party breaks out.

    Cate – It’s not all bad, right? It can be a laugh but you’re right, like Shady, I should not feel obliged to also feed and water the horde.

    Mr.Crow – Teehee, landmines. You’re hilarious. And yes, as I’ve just said, both Cate and Shady make a very good point.

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