Unschooling After Thoughts

July 26, 2011 § 6 Comments

We’re in the middle of a moderate thunderstorm right now. Woohoo!  It’s cooling the air nicely and the rain is watering the gardens.  Ahhhhhh.

Daughter just got her mark for the first unit of her Independent Learning course and she passed with a very nice grade.  Though we’re pleased she got a good grade, we’re more excited by the fact that she wants to continue. We’ve ordered another course and she’s excited to start working on her Science credit.

It’s definitely school on her terms and I’m just happy she’s enjoying it.

We have to look into whether or not we still need to inform the school board of our continuing intent to homeschool.  Every year since we withdrew Daughter from public school we’ve had to write a letter to confirm that.

This year however, Daughter turned 16 and in Ontario that’s the age of consent.  (Meaning she can decide to quit school and live on her own if she wants.  Scary, but true.)

Anyway, it’ll be relief if we no longer need to write that letter.  Not that it was a big deal in and of itself, it was just a form letter that I changed the date on, printed, signed and mailed.  A no-brainer.  What it is though, is the cutting off of the last vestiges of the “why do I have to explain to you” bee that buzzes around homeschoolers.

Whether they be radical unschoolers or the school at home sort, parents who decide to take a different approach to their child(ren)’s education are often subjected to some pretty annoying stereotypes, questions and opinions.  Many have incredible hoops to jump, lesson plans and tests they HAVE to submit and general justifications to provide, in writing.

My heart truly goes out to them and I know how fortunate we are that a stupid form letter is the worst of it.

For us though, it will still mean the end of an era. Not having to submit that letter will mean the end of looking back at where we’ve been coming from and focus more on the direction we’re going.

Oh, and the other thing…Daughter, who only two weeks ago turned 16, because of her summer COLLEGE course, now has a COLLEGE student ID number and is getting COLLEGE course information in the mail.  Did I mention she just turned 16?

Yeah, I totally ruined her prospects for post-secondary education by pulling her out of public school when she was 11.


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