Gone Camping! :D

August 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yay, yay and double yay! I’m so excited.  We’re going camping this weekend, our first trip this year and the first one ever using our new used camper/trailer.

I have a bazillion things to do today before we take off but I just had to share with you all my sheer joy.  Oh, I know it’s going to go by so fast but still I’m going to savour every single minute.

I’m really of a one track mind about it and all I can think of is a fire.  Blazing flames, glowing embers, the smell of the wood as it chars itself out of existence.  Roasting forks beset with hot dogs and marshmallows while condiments, bread and graham crackers are passed from lap to lap.  Moving lawn chairs from point to point in an effort to avoid getting smoke in your eyes.  The best part being waking up the next morning and breathing the smoky aroma that is wafting from your clothes.  Ah, sounds heavenly doesn’t it? (THIS is how I know I’m a true blue camper.  :D)

And yes, I realize we have a fireplace here at home but it’s just not the same thing.

Anywho, the forecast is actually calling for some rain but we don’t care (as long as it’s dry enough at some point to have a fire). Rain makes for better fishing and I packed plenty to do indoors as well.  I can hardly wait…I feel like a kid at Christmas time.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and tell you all about it when we return.



§ 3 Responses to Gone Camping! :D

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