A Wonderful Weekend

August 8, 2011 § 4 Comments

We arrived at the campground, after a rather stressful drive – I was following Hubby and we ended up having to merge onto the highway (did I mention that I’ve never driven on the highway?), around 6:00 pm.  In less than an hour we were totally set up and enjoying…

our first weekend in our summer home.  So, much better than a tent and a heck of a lot easier to set up.  It wasn’t long before Daughter made herself comfy…

and set up her laptop.  Meh, what are you gonna do?  She did come outside and sit by the fire for a little bit the first night. The second night though the three of us had a blast sitting around the fire for hours playing the alphabet game* and laughing our butts off.

Hubby donned his red camping tunic (he has two – the red one and a beige one – both of which I made for him myself) and got to work on…
roasting hot dogs, of course.  He pretty much lives on them the entire time we’re camping.  Here he is getting the bread and condiments ready.  Once we were settled in by the fire we had a visitor stop by…

to warm itself up.  The little guy just sat next to fire drum for the longest time opening and closing his mouth at me. We wondered whether it was worth the effort to get the camera because we were sure he would just hop away but no, I had plenty of time to get it and snap about half a dozen shots of him.  Hehehe.

The next night we had an even bigger guest stop by for a snack…

who left paw prints all over the coolers he was desperately trying to open.  At first we thought it was Daughter shuffling around inside the camper but when we heard the ice sloshing around we knew something was trying to break into our food.  Hubby scared off the biggest raccoon either of us had ever seen – definitely a very well fed critter – and we didn’t get a chance to take a pic.

So, we just sat around…

and reveled in the warmth of the flames, the fresh air and the sounds of woods and the lake.  Me, I have to say that I was the epitome of…

a happy camper!

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while – another month – before we can get back out again because of in-town commitments but I can’t wait to do it all again.

*Alphabet Game – A word game where you choose a category and then in rotation come up with examples of things in alphabetical order.  Ex – FRUIT – Apples, Bananas, Cherries etc…

We’ve been playing this game for years and the categories get progressively harder as the kids have gotten older. This time it was Movies, Simpsons characters, Dr. Who things and then All About Monty Python.  It really is a laugh, especially when someone comes up with really obscure answers.  The best part of this game is that you don’t need paper/pens, there are no points or scores and everyone has a great time.

So, how was your weekend?


§ 4 Responses to A Wonderful Weekend

  • Shady Lady says:

    You look like you are in your glory!! I’m thrilled for you! I love your froggy visitor. Raccoons scare me. A lot.

    The alphabet game sounds like fun! We have several similar games we like to play while driving. I’ll have to add this one to our repertoire.

  • Sheri says:

    Shady – Hehe, thanks…I was very happy to be camping. 😀 The alphabet game is awesome, we’ve been playing it for years.

  • Cate says:

    It look like you guys had a blast. How cool!
    As for a racoon – having never seen one other than in a zoo – that would be kind of fascinating to see!

  • Sheri says:

    Cate – We did have a lot of fun. We LOVE to camp. I never thought of that but yes, I guess you don’t have raccoons out in your neck of the planet. They are harmless scavengers but they can get pretty big and when you’re out in the woods, it can be a little scary to have one creep up on you.

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