Out of The Fridge and Into The Freezer

August 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

It was one of those “have to” kind of days around here.  And when I opened the fridge this morning I knew what was going to be immediately added to the list…saving the produce that was very seriously considering rotting right where it lay.

Between the zucchini, tomatoes and peaches – I was pretty much up to my armpits in skins, chopping, grating and stewing this afternoon.  The grated and sliced zucchini was from ONE zuke.  Yep, that’s how big a few of Hubby’s zucchini were, we’re talking blue ribbon at the fair contenders.

I got enough grated zucchini for two loaves and enough slices for one lasagna layer or two casserole sides.

From the tomatoes I got two medium sized jars of stewed tomatoes and there were enough peaches for both a medium and small jar of jam…with a mittful of strawberries thrown in for good measure.

I have to say it was the perfect day for it too. Cooler than it has been all summer at 16 C today, I had the windows open and did not feel the slightest bit oppressed hanging about near the hot stove.

I should be glad too because the temps are going right back up to the low 30’s for the next week or so and we are still without air conditioning. Hubby’s looking into trying to find us an end of season deal but we’ll have to wait until we settle up with the govt.

Seems they get a bit uppity if you neglect your taxes and you OWE them money.  Funny that, because they have no problem dicking about when you’re getting a refund.

Hope everyone is having a good week!  😀




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