Wow, September is Almost Gone!

September 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have flown by.

Definitely feels like we’re picking up speed on a roller coaster year.  It’s not like I actually feel like I’ve done a whole lot but so many projects and goals that were over a decade in the making are finally done and achieved.

Maybe that’s what happens when you decided to do instead of just blog about.  😛

I’m mostly talking about home renovations; opening the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, getting the deck finished, completing the main bathroom renovations and removing the paneling from the den. Not necessarily in that order.

Also, in the last year, we’ve gotten rid of rooms full of furniture, boxes of old toys, clothes, books and miscellaneous household items by either giving them away to family and friends or donating them to local charities.

It’s quite liberating actually.  Not everything is so easy to part with mind you and I’ve had my moments where it’s taken me several trips to the give away box just to let go of one item.  For the most part though, I’m okay to let go of things knowing someone will make better use of them than I did.

Other than that the pool is now closed and, for us, that typically signifies the “OFFICIAL” end of summer. Never mind that it’s actually been a couple of weeks since it’s been warm enough to swim. 😀

Used to be that this was the time I started thinking about Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en. Yes, in that order. I’m Canadian remember?

This year though, because we’re going out for dinner for Thanksgiving – to a restaurant no less, a first – and have kids much too old for Trick or Treating, I’m moving right ahead to ponder my upcoming birthday.  The big 4 0 this year.

I haven’t decided how I feel about it exactly as I seem to be bombarded by very mixed emotions.  So much so that I can’t quite find the words to describe them.  Ah who knows, maybe it’ll all come out in a poem.

Hubby leaves tomorrow afternoon for a business trip and won’t be home until Friday evening. It’s just going to be Daughter and me for three whole days and nights.  Woohoo!  Girly time.

Hope everyone has a great week.  😀


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