It’s Coming Back to Me

October 26, 2011 § 7 Comments

It all started with that there little pumpkin I picked up at the grocery store a couple of days ago.  Then while rummaging in the basement for costume pieces for Daughter, I found my plastic cauldron and brought it up.

Then we got invited to 2 Halloween parties and I started rummaging for my own costumes and found a few more things.  Actually, I found TONS of stuff but I wasn’t quite ready to go whole hog and only brought up the hat and bag.

I went to the bulk store today to buy stuff for Halloween cupcakes that I’ve offered to bake for said parties.

I guess the spirit of Halloween is coming back to me.



Where’s My Hallowe’en Spirit??

October 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

I can’t say that I was ever as devoted to the spirit of Halloween as our ol’ friend Linus there, but I always enjoyed the festivities, in particular dressing up in costume.  Any excuse to don one of my very own handmade costumes is a delight.

That’s me in the back in one of my favourite medieval outfits. I just slapped on some white makeup, a little bit of red drool and I was good to go as a 13th Century zombie.

With me is Daughter (on the right) and her two best friends, whose Mom happens to be one of my best friends, and since they were all about 4 years old we had gone out trick or treating together as a group.  That pic was taken 3 years ago, the last year we all went out together.

At 13, Daughter decided she was too old to trick or treat anymore and she started staying home, opting to dress up and give out candy to the other children. The last few years I have not even wanted to decorate the house or carve pumpkins, both of which we had always done with much delight and excitement.

This year though, I’m going to make an effort to get back my Halloween Spirit.  I’ve decided to wander through my own pumpkin patch pondering the importance of sincerity.

Thanks Linus!  😀

Project 2011 – Week Forty-Two

October 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

Oh boy, it’s really closing in now.  Only ten weeks left of 2011 and it’s only going to go faster from here.

I haven’t completed the work on the second fabric boot yet and like most of my projects, it’s now sitting in a corner gathering dust.  I haven’t been feeling very well the last couple of weeks and it’s been good excuse to take it easy, putter, watch movies and just slow down.

Work will begin soon enough on the kitchen reno, Hubby mentioned having it done in time for Christmas. It’s not a structural job merely a take out the old cabinets, slap on some paint and put new ones in kind of deal, so it’s definitely possible.  The question becomes of how “probable” it is that we’ll get it done in time?   😛

In any case, there’s that and then there’s matter of Christmas itself.  Most years we split the holiday up between different branches of the proverbial family tree.  It works out to many small parties spread out over a week, often two.  I find it  exhausting and I’m getting too old for it.

Really, it’s just a bunch of squirreling around because we all find it uncomfortable spending too much time in each others’ presence…especially as a large group.  I realize this is a pretty common phenomenon and I’m not bemoaning it.  I just think I’m outgrowing it.

We’re all adults now, aren’t we?  We should be setting an example of maturity, togetherness and the importance of family for our children/grandchildren.  The two oldest of whom are now already adults themselves.  It’s long past time we gave up ancient grievances and opted to suck it up and just get on with life, as a whole family.

Ahem… (*stepping down from the soapbox)

Anyway, this year for Christmas I’d like to try get as many of the family together in the same room at the same time as possible.

And get the kitchen done in time.  I’ve got 66 days to make it happen.  Pray for me.  😀

*Yes, MrCrow…your concerns have been duly noted and will be addressed at the next committee meeting.

A Random Autumn Day

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

We tracked our package containing a much needed washing machine knob.  Ours broke off last week so Hubby ordered a new one online. Wow, eh? Gotta love technology.  As of 7:58 am this morning, it was on a truck in town and on it’s way.

Plant hosta that BF brought over yesterday…

Do dishes from last night, make lunch, wait for delivery truck, do dishes, look at laundry and sigh, start getting dinner ready, wait for delivery truck, put pictures in frame and hang it.

Admire the fire like colours of the sumac, how they almost glow against the dense green.  If I were more able, I might describe it better but it makes me think of deep forests and hot flames.  It’s really pretty at any rate.

Then I spy the leaves, the ones no longer on the trees.  The brown and dried ones; the in the pool, on the deck and littering every corner of the yard ones.

Oh then, at 3:00 pm, I decide to take a shower.  And doesn’t delivery guy show up just as I’m stepping out?  Yes!  So I get Daughter to stall him long enough to get a robe on and in full on “just got out of the shower” dress (robe and towel on head), I sign for a washing machine knob.

It’s just a random autumn day.

More Matter of Fact

October 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

I was always more flowery than my contemporaries
And given to test patience more often than enlighten

My most trusted expression has always been words that rhyme
Without ever learning stance, haiku, limerick or meter
I never had the time, it was too easy to peter

So I just kept on writing more matter of fact
Making verses from curses with almost no tact

Though I can alliterate, make metaphors and personify
It’s not about academics that I write or even try

I just love to use words to paint my pictures
I just love to use words to express my point of view

I write rhymes more matter of fact
Just because it’s what I do


Project 2011 – Week 40

October 9, 2011 § 15 Comments

I’ve so lost track of what’s going on here.  I was only going to post a weekly update about my new health/weight goals every Tuesday and then I proceeded to write two poems and then no update.  *sigh*

Anywho, I should be at around the 5lb mark for the weight loss, should being the operative word.  Gratefully, I haven’t gained any but I haven’t lost so much as an ounce…or if I did, I immediately put it back on.

This may require more drastic measures, like actually counting calories and stricter portion control.  Of course there’s always the “fuck it, I weigh what I weigh” attitude.  No, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel. I’ll just try harder that’s all, at least for the next couple of weeks anyway.

It’s Thanksgiving here in the Great White North and we really couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for a long weekend.  Sunshine, temps in the mid 20’s and all the beautiful colours of Autumn…it’s truly glorious.

We’re going to make a Herculean effort to get as much done today as we can so that we can actually enjoy the day off tomorrow without worrying about chores.  We still have all kinds of never got to tasks that fell through the cracks of our incredibly busy summer.

In a couple of weeks it’ll be Hallowe’en, then my 40th bday and then of course, the highlight of the year, Christmas.  I know how quickly this year has already flown by so I’m truly going to savour the last 12 weeks of 2011.

A Catspiracy

October 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

Rosie and Darth  (9 and 14? not sure but at least)

Panther  (Nearly 3)

Hercules – (At least 8 but might be older)

It’s a catspiracy I tell ya
How they just show up at the door

I don’t know if it’s something they advertise
If access to the backyard is somehow a prize

But every so often, I’m forced to soften
As I stare into another pair of fur laced, hungry eyes

Okay, I’ll give you, just one bowl of food
Then off you go, I have no room in my brood

Litter, food and the vet are expensive
There’s fur enough in my house to knit a scarf with

I’d so love to name you, keep you and play
But I’d have by now over a dozen that way

I’d so love to be able to do more
For every cat that shows up at the door

This poem is dedicated to Rumpy @ RumpyDog because I love his blog and because I think that he and his family are doing great things to help remind people of the importance of animal welfare.  From pet advice, to poetry, to how to support the passing of bills to protect domestic animals nationally, Rumpy and his friends aren’t shy.

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