A Catspiracy

October 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

Rosie and Darth  (9 and 14? not sure but at least)

Panther  (Nearly 3)

Hercules – (At least 8 but might be older)

It’s a catspiracy I tell ya
How they just show up at the door

I don’t know if it’s something they advertise
If access to the backyard is somehow a prize

But every so often, I’m forced to soften
As I stare into another pair of fur laced, hungry eyes

Okay, I’ll give you, just one bowl of food
Then off you go, I have no room in my brood

Litter, food and the vet are expensive
There’s fur enough in my house to knit a scarf with

I’d so love to name you, keep you and play
But I’d have by now over a dozen that way

I’d so love to be able to do more
For every cat that shows up at the door

This poem is dedicated to Rumpy @ RumpyDog because I love his blog and because I think that he and his family are doing great things to help remind people of the importance of animal welfare.  From pet advice, to poetry, to how to support the passing of bills to protect domestic animals nationally, Rumpy and his friends aren’t shy.


§ 5 Responses to A Catspiracy

  • planaquarium says:

    Love it! we used to live across from a dairy farm…I can relate. =)

  • rumpydog says:

    *sniff sniff* That is so beautiful! And timely also because that is JUST what is happening at our house right now. And at alot of other houses around the world.

    Much love to you and to all those who love us furry friends 🙂

  • Sheri says:

    Much love back atcha Rumpy my friend. And yay, Guinness is coming to spend Thanksgiving (Canadian) with us this weekend. 😀

  • Cate says:

    No strays, but we still have our well loved moggies living with us – they will be 12 in December and are yet to go one day of those 12 years without being smothered in love 🙂

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