A Random Autumn Day

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

We tracked our package containing a much needed washing machine knob.  Ours broke off last week so Hubby ordered a new one online. Wow, eh? Gotta love technology.  As of 7:58 am this morning, it was on a truck in town and on it’s way.

Plant hosta that BF brought over yesterday…

Do dishes from last night, make lunch, wait for delivery truck, do dishes, look at laundry and sigh, start getting dinner ready, wait for delivery truck, put pictures in frame and hang it.

Admire the fire like colours of the sumac, how they almost glow against the dense green.  If I were more able, I might describe it better but it makes me think of deep forests and hot flames.  It’s really pretty at any rate.

Then I spy the leaves, the ones no longer on the trees.  The brown and dried ones; the in the pool, on the deck and littering every corner of the yard ones.

Oh then, at 3:00 pm, I decide to take a shower.  And doesn’t delivery guy show up just as I’m stepping out?  Yes!  So I get Daughter to stall him long enough to get a robe on and in full on “just got out of the shower” dress (robe and towel on head), I sign for a washing machine knob.

It’s just a random autumn day.


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