Where’s My Hallowe’en Spirit??

October 24, 2011 § 4 Comments


I can’t say that I was ever as devoted to the spirit of Halloween as our ol’ friend Linus there, but I always enjoyed the festivities, in particular dressing up in costume.  Any excuse to don one of my very own handmade costumes is a delight.

That’s me in the back in one of my favourite medieval outfits. I just slapped on some white makeup, a little bit of red drool and I was good to go as a 13th Century zombie.

With me is Daughter (on the right) and her two best friends, whose Mom happens to be one of my best friends, and since they were all about 4 years old we had gone out trick or treating together as a group.  That pic was taken 3 years ago, the last year we all went out together.

At 13, Daughter decided she was too old to trick or treat anymore and she started staying home, opting to dress up and give out candy to the other children. The last few years I have not even wanted to decorate the house or carve pumpkins, both of which we had always done with much delight and excitement.

This year though, I’m going to make an effort to get back my Halloween Spirit.  I’ve decided to wander through my own pumpkin patch pondering the importance of sincerity.

Thanks Linus!  😀


§ 4 Responses to Where’s My Hallowe’en Spirit??

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